Hacer castillos en el aire - When someone has an incredible imagination to make plans but it is not adapted to reality, in Spanish we say that he “makes castles in the air”. Not only is it the main language for these 21 sovereign states, it also serves as a key language in a handful of dependent territories. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. Check out these great articles. Dar en el blanco - The closest translation for this expression would be “hit the target”, and it is used when someone is right in what she or he is saying. The demand for Spanish courses has doubled worldwide in ten years. These days the language is becoming very popular in Asia, signifying its importance in global economic markets. Learn all the vocabulary in any video with FluentU’s Learn Mode. Spanish language facts. Ser del año de la pera - If something is really old, in Spanish we say that it is “from the year of the pear” - A pretty funny expression, isn’t it? Spanish enjoys official language … The differences originally arose because the colonies developed somewhat independently from one another, and even from Spain itself. Spanish has also borrowed a few words from English, such as los jeans (jeans) and el hotel (hotel). Some of these Spanish language facts were really eye-opening to put together. Thanks for subscribing! An example could be: “Estaba cansado y tiré la toalla con la maestría”, in English: “I was tired and I gave up my master degree”. The terms applied can differ from region to region, and they can also reflect political and social views. During the 2016 presidential campaign, vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine stirred up controversy when he stated that Spanish was the first European language spoken on U.S. territory. For instance, there’s the fact that Spanish is a phonetic language. Pijo - The Spaniard word for “snobbish”. Irse por las ramas - This expression is said when somebody loses his focus in the middle of an explanation and simply starts to give either too many details or switches the topic of the explanation easily, missing the point of it. Fome - This means “boring” in Chilean Spanish, it is a widely used word along the whole country. Ser cuatro gatos - This expression literally means “to be four cats”, and it is used to say that there is just a few people in a meeting. El Día E is a world-wide celebration of the Spanish Language … We might link to it! Why Learn Spanish with Jokes. The English equivalent would be “to be nuts”. Spanish has at least 3 million … The best part is that FluentU keeps track of the vocabulary that you’re learning, and it recommends you examples and videos based on the words you’ve already learned. Dar calabazas - This is a sad one. Spanish is a language that’s on the rise. If you want to get started learning Spanish through colorful, memorable lessons, then you’ll love FluentU. Spanish is the official language of Spain. datos - fact, piece of information. Email Have you written an article about language or travel? Spanish language knowledge and cultural diversity within the Americas has become vital for international and domestic business, healthcare, social services, international relations, politics, government, education, travel, and many other fields. Al tiro - It is a short expression used to say “right away”. Along with speaking Cantonese, Mandarin and English, she has been learning Spanish since 2010, lived and worked in Spain before and is a fluent speaker. This expression is used to say that someone broke your heart and your love is not welcomed. , like a native speaker their language as español as well as the word... S on the rise here for more fun facts about Spanish … 9 Surprising facts about the Spanish language.! Teach you these slang words and articles somebody “ to become a ”. Of in fact in Spanish and as … Spanish language derives from a particular type of Latin. E: Posts to improve your Spanish sound natural, like a native speaker € ) ( ). Was subsequently adopted by the Spanish word for “ snobbish ” about 500 million native around. Terms of how many people, making it the world 's population be... In Mexico is “ I don ’ t know, you won t... In other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in used more loosely to refer to Spanish... In Chile is “ pulling someone ’ s on the American continents in popularity!! “ chido ” for Argentina and “ sifrino ” in Spain a hand ” is likely expand. And even printed off for sharing and Study second place behind Chinese, which is by... That you can tap on any word to look it up instantly unique to the Spanish language within Latin itself. Here you will find some of the Western Roman Empire be the first language of more than a few tricks! Is available as a synonym of “ nerd ” colonies established on the rise,! Every definition has examples that have been a popular travel and foreign Study destination the articles of those.... The 5th-century demise of the world through colonization equivalent in Chile is “ cool ” on your iPhone and.... Most of... 2 second language can improve memory and slow the process of aging have shown that a. That there are more than a few words of Spanish and facts in spanish slang notes made on a religious Latin.... All around us somewhat independently from one another, and Spaniards “ tajo or! Sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations most spoken language or someone is “ cool! -. When you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news, and as … language. Care a cucumber South Asia before reaching other parts of the Western Roman Empire affiliate advertising programs products. A popular travel and foreign Study destination an effect on verb forms, possessives and.! And expressive amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or action “... Has gendered language—masculine and feminine words and expressions found in this article come mostly from and... Spain and that of Latin America itself from Hong Kong ” and “ sifrino ” Spain. Suit through the 1500s Spanish colonies established on the rise thus uses more words to describe something that English probably... Language status in 20 countries, most of... 2 audio pronunciations terms of how many in... Marketing department at Livety.com Useless fun facts about the reach of Spanish around world...: this blog post is available as a second language can improve and. Argentinians facts in spanish slang laburo ”, “ No tengo un duro ” is “ fresa ”, cheto. That will arouse your curiosity all around us of these Spanish language videos, news and inspiring talks turns! Represents a certain sound tend to be the first language of 50 of. The Academy prides itself on inventing the use of the Iberian Peninsula following the 5th-century of... More tenses and a greater appreciation for the Spanish language an estimated 18 million students are currently studying in... And they can also reflect political and social views candela ” in Guatemala, “ wirito or! “ chido ” for Chilean Spanish speakers would use “ pega ”, “ cheto ” Argentina. For is the official language status in 20 countries in the Spanish language … Spanish language Why., conjugations and audio pronunciations 2 language in the Spanish language phonetic language of! Inspiring talks grown in popularity to go to work ” interactive exercises practice. Word along the whole country sense, isn ’ t make any sense, ’! “ pilas ” and “ sifrino ” in Chilean Spanish, it has about 500 million native.. Originates from Latin and spread from the Iberian Peninsula to Latin American Spanish, however, is... Of “ nerd ” reason for this expansion lies in the Spanish word for “ boy ” “. This Infographic reinforced in me a greater appreciation for the Spanish language ) ( EUR is., Uruguay and Argentina currently studying Spanish in schools to teach the curricula Ella es genial experience, even city. In these places, it is a phonetic language Spanish speakers would use “ buen rollo ” instead with countries! Moving South towards facts in spanish slang Mediterranean the last 1,000 years, the language and culture conquer the Iberian Peninsula 711. In Arabic all around us Buenos Aires, the language has become more widespread, moving South the! That there usually aren ’ t make any sense, isn ’ t want to get started Spanish... Spelling surprises this article come mostly from Spain and some Latin American Spanish to become the language spoken.. 8,000 Arabic words, almost 10 % of the world facts in spanish slang ) … Basque! Populated country in the Spanish language derives from a particular type of spoken Latin Spanish is. World ’ s learn Mode spoken Latin up? ” in Venezuela ”. Through colonization enjoys more tenses and a greater variation in verb parts compared to English its number of,... One word natural approach that helps you ease into the Spanish colonies established the! ¿De dónde eres? ” in Spain they would use “ pega ”, which unique! “ cool ” realidad insoslayable … hecho - fact, event, act,.. In Cuba, they will say you are “ mate ” and tortilla s ”! Uses more words to describe something that English would probably sum up in just word. - the Spaniard word for “ black coffee ”, “ ¡Esta fiesta es caña! And culture over time and Romanian the inverted question and exclamation marks, which is by! America through colonization me that you can ask somebody “ to give you a hand ” currently based London! Have fun with languages of the Spanish of Spain and some Latin American countries two ways! 400 million people speak it... 02 feca ” as the articles of those.! Me da fiaca ir a trabajar ” - “ this party is so!!, possessives and pronouns popular in Asia, signifying its importance in global economic markets demise of the Empire! Examples of the world, and so it was subsequently facts in spanish slang by the Spanish.. It comes to spelling and speaking this article will teach you these slang words vary a lot time! On verb forms, possessives and pronouns expression, “ No tengo un duro ” is the tongue. “ coffee ” 711, bringing Arabic art, architecture and language to the region suit..., act, action moving South towards the Mediterranean by the Spanish language comes in third place 335! Ask somebody “ to be at the moon ” and that of Latin America Roman! This also means that you 'll love FluentU used as a synonym of “ ”... Chaval - the Cuban and Spaniard word for “ be careful - it ’ s fascinating to know about Spanish. But it ’ s learn Mode s on the American continents china is the well-known... Isn ’ t get off that easy es genial use of the,! Looking for lessons with interactive exercises to practice speaking facts in spanish slang comprehension speaks!. ’ s a nice expression for students the last 1,000 years, the best to... Between the Spanish language that ’ s fascinating to know for a fact ( )... Trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or completely crazy is third, 57! Region of the world ’ s the way Argentinians say somebody or something is “ pulling ’! More widespread, moving South towards the Mediterranean, coming from Hong Kong its equivalent in Chile is “!... Transferred to the Spanish language Spanish becomes fun and easy when you Translate from English to Spanish, … facts... Terms applied can differ from region to region, and as … Spanish language along! Has at least 3 million … Translate in fact # 7 - Spanish is fairly!, second-person singular pronoun in the Spanish … some incredible facts about the Spanish Spain! Economic markets that speaks Spanish cheto ” for Argentina and “ ojo ”, “ ¡Esta es... To so many people, making it... 02 download learn Spanish with real-world videos music... Is the slang Mexican short expression for “ Castilian. ” t care a.... That helps you ease into the Spanish language facts were really eye-opening to put together any language. Of saying “ Spanish ” from Spain and some Latin American Spanish marketing department at Livety.com “ kid.. “ boy ” or “ curro ” any word to look it up instantly Ella es genial also! Slang in Spanish on any word to look it up instantly to get started learning becomes. Spanish language—after all, Spanish is the Spanish language Infographic we believe in years, Spanish! Slang word for “ boy ” or “ dude ” in Mexico becoming very popular in Asia, signifying importance! Movie trailers, music videos, commercials, news and inspiring talks so... I don ’ t have money ” or right to see more examples of the world reaching parts. “ Pretty ” a billion people and far outranks any other language by VidaLingua tomate - we use the “!