If you have a vanda that looks like it might head south, give it a good hanging upside-down. See more ideas about orchids, plants, indoor plants. Once you have the ri… When we began to attach the Vanda to the wood and pull the twist tie tight, the wood moved to the side. Before I mounted the orchids onto these materials, I soaked them in water for 24 hours to remove impurities in the materials. Vanda orchid plants need 80 percent humidity, which may have to be provided by a humidifier or spritzing the air. We start with the plant removed from the basket on a table. This means that in the wild, they tend to grow in gaps or crevasses in tree bark, or in the joints of tree limbs. Firstly, you should attach the roots to be in place by interlacing them with wire. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************Our second way of mounting arose out of the need to make a Vanda, which has lost its lower leaves, look better. Feed once a week with a one-quarter dilution of balanced fertilizer as part of good care of Vanda orchids. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************. The roots will attach themselves to the basket or hang through whatever holes are available. Then using tie-wires, I suspended the orchid upside-down at a shady area. If you grow Vanda long enough it becomes a problem of how to hang an extremely large one. Remove from bleach solution and scrub clean. The cheap wooden baskets used for Vanda do not last more than about 5 years. It was a lot shorter when I first put it on this therapy. It seemed to have worked the few times I’ve tried this, unless the plant is very diseased. Orchids need a lot of sunlight or light from bright fluorescent lights to grow. Prepare the mount; secure string or wire to the mount with enough length to create a loop on which to hang it. Vandaceous orchids in slat baskets should be ­watered daily, preferably early in the morning. Soak the whole pot into the bleach solution for 10 minutes to disinfect. Pour half cup of bleach to a small bucket of water 4. This type of growing environment can be mimicked in cultivation to keep the plants happy and healthy. How do you water it whilst its being hung upside down? Our most unique way is to hang the Vanda down. its there any specific reason why upside down? It looked so much better we left it..Compare the mounted Vanda to the one in the basket. Vanda orchids are native to Southeast Asia. You should wait until the roots are completely dry before the next watering. Start with 1-2 hours of morning and evening sun a day. In nature, most Vandas grow on most top tree’s branches, which means that they need more sun than most other orchids, as well as … Most Vandas are epiphytes. Give them a good drink with the hose,