English Text Khetabe Ghadir 

110. O God! Forgive those believers who believe in what I have commanded them to! And be wrathful against all those who deny, and the heretic sinners and:
Praise belongs to the Lord of all beings!”

In the quarter of the Masculine Proper,
Amid the rain of affection and favour,
There is no way to the immoral,
But only to the Reverent and Moral!


Fair copied and proofread:
on the Assigned Day of the Commander of the faithful,
and the Highness Zahra (upon her be peace)
Aghdaseiie, Tehran.
At 9 am, 15/11/1385


S. Hosein Hoseiny  


 English Text Khetabe Ghadir 

In the name of Allah (Who’s) the Compassionate Merciful

O, the Commander of the faithful!
Upon you be peace;
O the Remainder of Allah, on His earth,
Upon You be peace!

O Mahdi!
How could we suppress our despair in your extended non-attendance?
Where should we look for to find you?
Which supplication can lead us to you?
So that we head for it and learn how to get to you!

O Savour!
Being perplexed and wandering in your absence,
The diverse dreams – the inward Satan –
Has so prevailed us that we have become
Captives to our own passions!

O You the Gracious!
My heart, since start, has fallen in love with thy,
Fine hair – it will not break its promise till I die!

Thus, we adore you, so do we your ancestors,
And we are, with our own ‘laden-with-sin-hearts’,
To fit out a ground to delight you:
We are looking forward to witnessing that
Allah may forward your appearance to us;
And He may cast mercy on us, and deliver us
From this 'the wondering of us',
And to save us from the inwardly depression of us …

O Patriarch!
Now, we are to take to Allah this complaint of:
Not-appearing of yours,
As well the grievance of our ‘Not-knowing
You, and Your ancestor

I am uneasy, impoverished,
So I will, forever, hum this ‘Hymn’:
‘O Lord! Make me recognize You,
O Lord! Make me know the Messenger of Yours;
O Lord! Make me recognize the Assured Sign of Yours.’

O Daystar!
It is now a long period we have resorted to Your worthy ancestors
Hoping to catch Your sight, having Your affection upon us.
The main ambition of us is to get closer to Your wisdom–
Though we are too feeble to plunge amid Your know-how,
We pray Him to bless us to do so.

As it is said:
‘If it is hard to draw sea-water off,
Let’s try that to quench our thirst of’.

O Great!
We heard most heartily from the Messenger,
(Peace be upon him and his descendants), say:
“This ‘say of mine’: 'The Divine Leadership of Ali and his offspring'
Must be delivered by those present, at this Ghadir Khom,
To those who are not present;
And also by the elderly to their offspring
Up to the Day of Resurrection...”

Now, we wonder how to carry out Your command?
From which direction shall we set out to fulfill Your bid?
We wonder what to do and what to relate!
You Yourself assist us, and guide us along our path.
Hold us on our hands to find our way,
And try to find out the endless superiority and competence
Of Your Father, and then to teach it to others.

We bear it in our minds that, by the Pool of Khom,
Our Messenger received the loyalty of the people for
Ali and his offspring, (upon them all be peace),
As the Leadership; and he confirmed to keep
That treaty until the Day of Resurrection...

Now, humbly we come to the court of yours:
You the Generous, from the lineage of Generosity –
So that You might give a shelter to us, the miserable!

So, pardon us; help us! Guide us to the right path!
Bestow the ray of Your radiance upon us,
Do not turn away from us;
And say, ‘Amen’ to this prays of us, as:
“O Lord! Hasten the advancement of
Your own adopted Master, Mahdi!”

“O, You the Omnipotent!
Trouble has afflicted us and our family,
And we have come [to you] with meager merchandise –
[which is too little to get anything].
So do [us] a favour, and fill up the load for us,
And act charitably toward us …”

Whether you shun us, with our thin goods,
or out throw,
We have not, in this word, a Master except You!

On the Assigned Day of the Commander of the faithful,
and the Highness Zahra (upon her be peace)
Aghdaseiie, Tehran.
Sunday: at 8 am, 29/11/1385, 29th Moharram 1428

S. Hosein Hoseiny


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