Signs of Beginning of the Universal Revolution of Imam al-Mahdi Part 1

Signs of the Advent of of Imam al-Mahdi

Is there any sign available that this universal revolution is coming?
Is it possible to predict that such revolution is coming now or not?
Is it possible to advance the time of this revolution?

If it is possible then with which tools it is possible to advance this time?
It should be said that the answer of most of these questions are positive.
Because no great storm begins in nature without, and no revolution happens in human society without previous signs.
Also, it is pointed to a series of signs in Islamic ahadith for the coming of that great resurrection, which are possible to be divided into two types:
The first group, signs which are possible to be predicted more or less in any revolution according to its size.
The second group, details which are not possible to be understood through ordinary information and knowledge and mostly has the form of a miraculous prediction.
Here, we point to “3 important signs” from both parts:
Diffusion of Tyranny and Corruption
The first sign with which it is possible to predict the coming of any revolution - including this great revolution - is Sweepingness of tyranny, oppression, corruption and violation of others’ rights and different kinds of social corruptions and moral aberrance which is itself the factor of expansion of corruption in society.
Naturally, when pressure exceeds the limit, explosion happens, because social explosions are the results of severe and overmuch pressure like mechanical explosions.
Expansion of oppression and injustice by the “Zahhaks” of the time waters the seeds of revolution, and train the people like "Kave the Blacksmith" beside their furnaces; gradually, the crisis grows and the time of revolution comes.
The matter is the same for the coming of the great universal revolution and the advent of the great peacemaker, Mahdi.
But, as it has been said before, there is no need to expand the oppression and corruption more like pessimistic people, but by considering the existence of enough corruptions in a large scale, we should try to construct ourselves and others and a content and brave and knowledgeable group to be the flag holders of the revolution.
Anyway, this matter has been mentioned in many Islamic narratives “کما ملئت ظلماً و جوراً” (as the world is filled with oppression and injustice).
The exact expression can be found in many ahadith, which have been mentioned in Shiite and Sunni resources.
And it is understood from them entirely, that one of the clearest signs of this revolution is this matter.
Here, one question is asked that do “oppression” (ظلم) and “injustice” (جور) have any difference that these two words have been emphasized repeatedly?
It is understood from the root of these words that violating the right of others has two types, that there is one separated word for each of them in Arabic literature.
The first one is that a person takes others right for him/her and usurps the results of others’ efforts; it is called “Oppression”
The other one is to take others’ rights and to give it to another people and to dominate the person’s adherents over the lives and honors and assets of people for strengthening the bases of the power, and to take power by unjust discriminations, it is called “injustice”.
The antonym of “oppression” is “fair distribution” (قسط) and the antonym of “injustice” is “justice” (عدل).1
Anyway, when “violation” of others’ rights, from one side, and “discriminations”, from the other side, fill the human society, he appears and removes all of them.
What have been said above were generalities about the sweeping corruption as a factor of mutation and revolution, which is predictable in any kinds of revolution.

Signs of Beginning of the Universal Revolution of Imam al-Mahdi Part 2

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