The Way of the Victory of Imam al-Mahdi


Great Economical and Social Justice Development

The earth, on which we live, has several facilities for our living and next generations and population much more than current population; but nonexistence of enough knowledge about available resources and potential resources of the earth on the one hand, and nonexistence of a correct system for distribution of wealth on the other hand, have caused the feeling of deficiency in different aspects; in the way that in our time, everyday a group of unfortunate people die.
The system ruling today’s world economy, which is an imperialistic system, trains an oppressive war system beside itself that destroys an important part of intellectual and human resources that should continuously search for new resources for making better life for humans.
But when this system and its side system are destroyed, forces will be used for extracting numerous resources of the earth; and the advanced science will be used for this program and new resources will be found soon and flourish human economy.
Therefore, there are many meaningful expressions in pointing to this economical advancement in narratives related to the government of that great peacemaker.
For instance, we read in a hadith:
(His government will cover the East and the West of the world, and treasures of the world will appear for him and no ruins will remain on earth except that he constructs!) 8
And indeed it should happen, because the ruins of the world is neither because of deficiency of human resources not financial deficiencies, but they are the result of destructions made by humans and wasting financial and human resource and nonexistence of responsibility; and when this obstacles are removed by a correct social system then construction and flourishing is certain; especially, when it has the support of new extraordinary resources.
We read in another interesting hadith from Imam Sadiq (as):
When al-Qa’im rises: establishes the government based upon justice.
And oppression and injustice will be removed in his time.
And roads become secure under the light of his existence.
The earth will show its gifts.
And any right will reach its owner.
People like David (as) and Muhammad (S) will judge among the people.
At this time the earth will disclose its treasures.
And shows its blessings.
And nobody finds a case for charity, giving alms and financial help, because all believers will be needless and rich …! 9
Affirming the appearance of the gifts and disclosure of the treasures shows that agriculture will advance to its highest level; also all underground resources will be discovered and used; and income of the people increases so much in the way that there will be no poor person in society and all the people become needless.
And undoubtedly, executing the principle of justice and attracting human resources to constructive ways will have such effect; because as hunger and poverty are not the results of deficiencies but they are direct and indirect results of oppressions, discriminations and injustices and wasting the resources and assets!
It is quoted from Abu Sa’id al-Khudri in another hadith, which has been mentioned in Sunni resources:
Holy Prophet (S) said:
I promise you the advent of Mahdi (as); he fills the earth with justice as it is filled with oppressions and injustice; habitants of heavens and the earth will be satisfied from him and divides the properties and assets in correct way. 10
Someone asked: What is the meaning of correct division of the assets?
He said:
Equally among the people!
(Then added)
And fills the hearts of the followers of Muhammad (S) with needlessness and his justice covers everyone; until he orders a person to calls with loud voice that anyone, who has financial needs, rises and nobody will rise but one.
(Then we read beneath the hadith that Imam orders to give him considerable amount but he returns soon and will be regretful of being greedy).
Some points should be considered in interpretation of this hadith:
1) The purpose of satisfaction of the habitants of heavens from his government is either referring to the angels of heavens and close angels of God or referring to the expansion of his government to other inhabited planets and opening the way of space travels to faraway places of the universe.
2) The purpose of fair dividing of wealth in the form of equal division - by considering that we know in Islam that Mahdi (as) is its guardian and promoter, more assets are paid in change of more work and efforts and competence - is either refereeing to the assets of Bait al-Mal and public assets in general that everyone is equal before that in Islamic government - as it is quoted from the way of Prophet (S) and Ali (as), against what we have read about the time of some of caliphs like Usman who make all kinds of discriminations - or referring to that in equal conditions, equal rewards and wages will be given to the people; against what we see in today’s world that a worker in a part of the world takes ten dollars for an hour but another worker in another part of the world may take less than one dollar for ten hours of work and it is the extreme of oppression that wage of the people are different in equal conditions.
3) Another point is that, it is clearly understood from beneath the hadith that in that day there isn’t even one needy person, because that one person who rises doesn’t have a rich soul and has greed and he is financially needless; and it is important that he will fill the hearts with spiritual and mental richness, and removes this evil feeling of “greed” from the land of the hearts by his correct leadership; the very same greed which is the source of useless efforts of brainless wealth collectors, who still try for collecting more wealth by having thousands of times of necessary assets for themselves and their children; maybe they are infected with polydipsia that how much they drink they are still thirsty.
Another factor, or in more correct way another excuse of collecting the wealth, which is fear about the future, will be completely removed under the light of his social justice and nobody finds the need of collecting the wealth; because he is insured both for today and the future.
Again, we read another hadith from holy Prophet (S):
Time will come in which the earth will be filled with oppression and nobody can say the name of God (explicitly) (and talks about justice and truth); then almighty God rises a man from me and my dynasty, who fills the earth will justice, as it was filled with injustice before him and the earth exits the parts of its liver for him, and he distributes the wealth among the people without calculation (and everyone will take its benefits as the amount of his/her need…).11
“افلاذ” is plural of “فلذ” and means part and branch; and “افلاذ کبد” refers to precious things and here it refers to precious and valuable resources inside the earth.
It is also possible that the above expression points that humans will be able to reach the core of the earth which is completely heat and fire and maybe they use it as an important source of energy; and maybe they extract previous resources of different kinds of metals and by considering that crust of the Earth is a comparably thin crust and there is a world of molten materials and different resources inside the Earth, having such great resource can ease the mind of the people in many aspects.
Moral growth and providing the future needs in a reliable way, and abundance of sources of income, and totally, gathering spiritual and physical richness removes even the necessity of counting and calculating the assets and anyone who needs takes his/her need from Bait al-Mal of the government without formalities.
All of these on the one hand, and on the other hand:
There are points in news which show that in the age of his government, expanded and flourished cities, broad roads, large mosques but without ornaments will be constructed; and the government supervises the construction of the houses in the way that they have no disturbance for others:
1) We read in a hadith from Imam Sadiq (as):
(He builds a mosque behind Kufa, which has one thousand doors, and the houses of Kufa reach the river of Karbala and Hayrah!)12
And we know that the distance between these two cities is 70 kilometers now.
2) We read from Imam Baqir (as):

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