The Way of the Victory of Imam al-Mahdi


When al-Qa’im rises …

Mosques will have short wall without crenels in his time as it was the same in the time of Prophet (S).
He expands the main roads and they reach 60 cubits!
And all mosques which are in the way (and disturb the people) will be destroyed by his command!
And all the gates which open to the ways (and disturb the movement of the people) will be destroyed.
And (disturbing) balconies and sewages and chutes which open in the way (of the people) will be blocked!13
3) Also, it is quoted in a long hadith from Imam Sadiq (as) that said:
(He will expand Kufa 54 miles until its castles reach Karbala, and Karbala (the place of the martyrs and heroes and self-devoted persons in the way of God) will become the center of many activities …14
4) There are many narratives about the advancement of agriculture and abundance of agricultural products and waters, cattle and construction and flourish in all aspects.15

Judiciary Development

On the one hand, strengthening the bases of belief and moralities is required and on the other hand, making a correct and powerful judiciary system with complete awareness and vase dominance for fighting corruption, aggression and oppression.
Certainly, complete advancement of industries gives humanity the equipments with which it is easily to control all movements of the people - in case of necessary - and observe any inharmonious act which can cause corruption and aggression and oppression; and taking images of criminals through the effects which are remained from them at crime scene; also recording their voices and recognizing them. If a righteous government has these equipments then it can be an effective factor for preventing corruption and oppression and in case of happening, giving the right to the rightful person.
There is no doubt that in the age of that great universal peacemaker, moral educations will be expanded so much by using super-advanced communication tools that prepares absolute majority of the people of the world for a correct human life mixed with purity and social justice.
But, as humans have been created free and don’t follow determinism in their acts; maybe some humans can be found - even in minority - in any righteous society who abuse their freedom and use it for reaching evil goals.
Therefore, a healthy, completely aware and dominant judiciary system should be available in order to give the rights of people and defeats the oppressor.
By precise studying and consideration on social crimes and corruptions and the ways of prevention, it is cleared that:
Firstly, by execution of social justice and fair division of wealth, the root of many of social corruptions, which are the results of conflicts for preserving assets and exploiting weak classes, deception, different kinds of frauds and lies and betrayals and crimes for more income in any way by any means, will be destroyed; and maybe large number of corruption and oppression in any society is because of these issues; by destroying the main root, branches and leaves will be dried our spontaneously.
Secondly, correct education and training has deep effect in fighting against corruption, aggression and social and moral aberrances; and one of the important reasons of expansion of corruption in today’s societies is that not only mass media isn’t being used for correct education, but most of them are serving the most ugly and polluted imperialistic programs of corruption; and they serve oppression, discrimination and corruption continuously day and night through distribution of destructive movies and deviating stories and programs and even false and incorrect news which are in benefits of global imperialism.
Albeit, these matters have also economical source and move for stupefying the brains and spoiling constructive concepts, and destroying active and aware forces of each society, for more exploitation of giants of economical imperialism, without facing serious obstacle.
Whenever this conditions change then an important part of social corruptions will be removed in a short time; and this cannot be performed except by a righteous and healthy government which is working in benefits of the people of the world - and not for exploiters - for making and flourished and free world full of peace and justice and belief.
Thirdly, existence of an aware and informed judiciary system by having advanced equipments of supervision that it is either possible for criminals to escape nor to deny the crimes, will be also an effective factor in reducing the amount of corruption, sins and violations of laws.
And if these three aspects work together then the aspects of its effectiveness will be so much large.
It is understood from the whole ahadith about the age of government of Mahdi(as) that he uses all of these three preventive factors during the age of his revolution, in the way the famous sentence which is considered as a proverb becomes practical; that sentence which says:
“Time will come when wolf and lamb drink water together!”
Certainly the nature of the wolves won’t be changed, and there is no necessity for that, also lambs don’t change their present condition; it is referring to establishment of justice in the world and changing the way of bloody wolfish persons, who were drinking the blood of the deprived people of human society for centuries, by serving the government of tyrants.
They completely change their manner under the dominance of new system, because wolfishness has never been, and is not, in human nature and is from the accidentals and it is changeable, or at least they retreat and isolate themselves and takes the benefits of divine gifts accompanying others fairly instead of eating other people’s benefits, as “wolf” beside “lamb” at the “river”!
In other than these two ways, they will be included in purification and their existence will be removed from the way!
From considerable referrals about this matter is what has been quoted in a hadith from Prophet (S) about diving the assets correctly in, that people will have spiritual and physical richness that extra properties remain without demand; it means that people will be trained and educated in a correct system of government that consider properties over their needs as problem for themselves! And all conflicts and brawls on this subject will end!
All the people will be provided for their living and they also have no worry for the future in order to pollute themselves and participate in the competition of wealth collecting, for securing the future.
Also, we read in another hadith that in the time of his government intellectual level of the people will increase in the way that it is not comparable with today at all, and naturally, conflicts and fights, which are the results of narrow-mindedness and envies, and lowness of level of intellectuality and summarizing the personality in the amount of wealth, will be removed.
According to previous narratives, even criminals are not safe in their homes because of strong supervision during the time of his government, because it is possible that they are being monitored with advanced equipments and even their sound waves can be controlled on the walls; it is another referral to the development of fighting against corruption in the age of his government.
His judgment according to the law of judgment of Muhammad (S) and the judgment law of David (as) points to this precise matter that he will use both external regulations of Islamic investigation and judgment like confession, testification and like them, and through mental and scientific ways of discovering the crime, as it is quoted from some of its examples from the age of David (as).
Moreover, in his age, beside the advancement of sciences and techniques and industries, tools of discovering crime will be advanced in the way that few criminals will be able not to leave trace with which cannot be recognized.
I read an article about the wonders of human brain in one of newspapers that human brain sends waves according inner beliefs that it is possible to understand the amount of truths and lies of the person’s expressions!
Certainly these equipments will be advanced and other equipments will be invented. And by using the advanced mental methods, criminals will be completely controlled, although essentially, there are few criminals in such society (but that few are completely important).
We repeat again that:
It is a mistake to think that in the age of his government all of these issues will be performed through miracles, because miracles are exceptions, and are used in necessary cases and especially for proving the truthfulness of the invitation of Prophet (S) or Imam (as), not for adjusting daily life and normal way of living, that no prophet has used miracle for this purpose.
Therefore, the way of his universal government in through what we mention not through the miracles!
Anyway, world become so much secure under the shadow of his government that according to a narrative a woman can travel from the East to the West alone without being disturbed!
If we add the matter of simplicity of the life of Mahdi (as) to that - according to what have been mentioned in narratives - the issues become even clearer; because his acts are the patterns for those who are under the cover of his government which means all the people of the world.
And by considering that an important part of crimes and social corruption are the results of luxury loving, glamorization of living, useless and costly formalities and rituals, another reason of removing corruption during the time of his government will be cleared.
It is mentioned in a hadith from Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (as):
(Clothing of al-Qa’im is nothing more than thick cloth and his food is only simple and unimportant food!)16
Similar to this matter has been quoted from Imam Sadiq (as).

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