The Way of the Victory of Imam al-Mahdi


Longtime Government

Although, there are several ahadith in Islamic resources about the time of his government which mentioned from 5 or 7 years to 309 years (the time of sleep of Kahf companion in that dark cave) - which is in fact, maybe it refers to the levels and ages of that government (its establishment five or seven years and the time of its completion 40 years and it final duration more than 300 years! Attention!) - but regardless of Islamic narratives, it is certain that these narrations and preliminaries are not for a short time government and certainly they are for a longtime government that is worth this much of efforts!
Rejuvenation of all Intellectual and Cultural Fields
Heavenly religions are in fact the same water, which is descended from the heaven.
Clear drops of rain - when the weather is not polluted - are pure and clear and beautiful and life-giving, free of any kind of pollution; wherever they drop they bring the message of life and beauty; and their shining invites those who are thirsty; and even suggest those who are not thirsty to drink water.
But when they drop on polluted lands, they gradually lose their beginning purity, and sometimes, they change into a shape which any observer abstain from watching and escapes from the putrefaction!
Divine religions, which has at first the purity of the rain, and shining of sunlight, and beauty of spring, sometimes become so much distorted by having contact with retrograde thoughts of ignorant persons, and polluted hands of despiteful people and being mixed with personal habits and traditions and tastes, that lose their attraction completely.
Islam, this living active religion that transformed most backward nations into the most pioneer ones, are also included in this issue, although the essence of Qur’an has not been touched and scholars in any age and time, who have tried to save its genuineness even with the price of their lives, have prevented these changes so much; but we should confess that many of its meanings have been transformed for large group of Muslims that it is possible to say that today, genuine Islam of the time of Prophet (S) cannot be found among many people!
Most constructive meanings like “piety”, “patience”, “waiting”, “martyrdom”, “intercession” and “worshiping” sometimes, are so much distorted and falsely interpreted that true Islam fears from them!
Many of Islamic laws have been practically destroyed by “religious” and “irreligious” hats (excuses), like the ruling of usury that only its name is remained.
Another part - like Hijrah, jihad and martyrdom - has been forgotten or at least has taken a historical shape exclusive to a specific period of beginning of Islam.17
Islamic monotheism has been polluted with many of polytheisms; and the school of Ahl al-Bayt (as) who educate genuine Islam among them according to the order has remained completely unknown among a large group of Muslims and they have kept the people far from that with different kinds of accusations.
He will destroy and dispel various weeds from the garden of Islam like a skillful and capable gardener; however, they have been tied with main saplings in the way that it seems impossible to be separated.
He cuts deformed branches immediately; purifies this dark and polluted water; removes the rusts of incorrect interpretations; cleans the dust of forgetfulness; and cuts the hands of abusers and aberrant persons.
Briefly, renews the same truthful Islam of the time of Prophet (S) and Ali (as).
One of the prophecies of Mahdi (as) is trimming Islam from these attachments and in other words, rejuvenation of the building of its glorious palace.
Transfers the mosques, which were one day the most active centers of Islam and the center of any kind of political, scientific, cultural and social movement and today, they have become the place of retired and jobless persons or as a form of entertainment or in its best condition as a habit, to their beginning shape.
Inaction and silence give their position to movement and action.
Revives Islamic jihad in all aspects
Frees genuine Islamic monotheism from any pollution of polytheisms, and interprets the transformed and reversed meanings correctly.
Removes personal tastes from Islam and removes the rust of habit and rituals from that.
Exits Islam from its tribal and regional limited shapes and discloses that in its global shape.
Cuts the hands of abusers and those who make religious hats (excuses) and offers its laws free of these extras.
The whole rejuvenation and reconstruction is so much and changing that in some of Islamic narratives it is considered as “new religion”.
We read in a narrative from Imam Sadiq (as), which has been quoted in the book “Ithbat al-Hudat”:
(When al-Qa’im appears brings new order, new method and new judgment with him).18
It clear that the newness of these programs, methods and judgments is not because he brings new religion with him, but exits Islam from the congestion of superstitions, distortions and incorrect interpretations and false understandings in the way that it appears like a completely new building.
Also the newness of the book doesn’t mean that a new divine book will be descended to him, because Imam is Qa’im and guardian of religion, not prophet and the one who brings new religion and book; but, extracts the forgotten genuine Qur’an from the angles of spiritual distortions and incorrect interpretations in the ay that it is possible to name it a new book.
The proof of this expression, adding to explicitness of Qur’an about the last of prophets in Ahzab sura, verse 40 and narratives which explicitly prove that the prophet of Islam (S) is the last of prophets, there are several ahadith that affirms he will rise with the same method of prophet of Islam (S) and his book and tradition:
One of the companions of Imam Sadiq (as), “Abdullah ibn Ata” says:

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