ISIS—the New Impostor Zionist State of Israel

New York, USA
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is our Frankenstein. The United States after a decade of war in Iraq pieced together its body parts. We jolted it into life. We bathed it in blood and trauma. And we gave it its intelligence. Its dark and vicious heart of vengeance and war is our heart. It kills as we kill. It tortures as we torture. It carries out conquest as we carry out conquest. It is building a state driven by hatred for American occupation, a product of the death, horror and destruction we visited on the Middle East. ISIS now controls an area the size of Texas. It is erasing the borders established by French and British colonial powers through the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement. There is little we can do to stop it.

Treatment of Ill-Temper

Ill-temper is a aberrance that causes depression and truculence. It is the opposite of moral conduct. Often the repercussions of ill-temper intensify to the degree that it results in a variety of tragedies and physical and mental crises. The meanness of ill-temper appears clearly through God’s words addressed to the Prophet (S):
“And had you been rough, hard-hearted, they would certainly have dispersed from around you.”
Let us now refer to some texts in this regard:
The Prophet (S) said: “Hold fast on moral conduct, for it will unquestionably be in Paradise. Beware of ill-temper, for it will unquestionably be in Hell.”
“Allah does not allow the ill-tempered to repent whenever the ill-tempered repents from a sin, he engages himself in another greater one.”

More than three million mourners converge in Mashhad to mark Imam Reza’s Martyrdom Anniversary

More than two hundred thousand mourners visited Mashhad by walking distance of about more than 200 kilometers
Shia Muslims all over the world on Tuesday the last day of the lunar month of Safar commemorated the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Reza (peace be upon him), the eighth Shia Imam, Press TV reports.
The Shia Imam was martyred by the self-appointed Abbasid calif Al-Ma'mun on the 29th day of the month of Safar on the lunar calendar, 203 AH. His shrine is located in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad.

Wi-Fi, the death of us all / You are going to die. Wireless gizmos are devouring your brain, right now. Very sorry

It goes like this: We are all made of energy, electromagnetic waves and harmonic vibrations and a zillion throbbing electro-particles pulsing and spinning in quietly charged fields, all manner of happy ions floating in micro oceans of water and blood and vodka and we are humming and singing in what is ostensibly some sort of perfect divine balance of harmony and love and rainbow-shaped joy.

And then, life happens. Progress.Technology. Cars and light bulbs and microwaves and cell phones and iPods and giant orange variable-speed KitchenAid blenders, all causing a billion invisible radioactive bolts to zing through the air like ghosts of sad destiny, like imperceptible projectiles of doom, all invariably disrupting our precious bodily vibes and penetrating our cell structures and molesting our brain waves and sending us cartwheeling toward early cancer and death and decay and really lousy Internet connectivity at the goddamn airport.

ALCOHOL, the Tool of Oppression

It would be so important to say that every Nation on earth aspires to be free, respected, honoured and live in peace and dignity as such this is the deepest urge of every individual within this community, and it goes without saying that the above goals cannot be achieved by a nation composed of ill fated individuals who regularly violate and harm their own bodies by drugs and the poisonous drink known as “Alcohol” which is but a filth that paralyses the senses, makes one lurch and vomit, it extinguishes the feeble glimmer of reason which flickers in our poor minds.

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