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Our Iranian hosts planned very well indeed for this Second International Conference of Independent Thinkers and Film Producers that was held in Teheran from September 29th to October 1st 2014, and was devoted to the application of independent thought to critically important problems now facing mankind.
The greatest problem of all to which attention was directed was the multi-dimensional oppression of both Israel and the Zionist part of modern western civilization over all of mankind, but over the Palestinians in particular.
The Iranians succeeded in attracting to the conference a galaxy of gifted thinkers belonging not only to different religions (there were two Christian Ministers of Religion present), and with specialization in different disciplines, but also many whose defiant scholarship and courageous investigative journalism had already won international acclaim.

Martyrdom of Malcolm X or Haj Malik al-Shahbaz

Algiers, Algeria
*Date: 21st of February 1965
*Place: Audubon Ballroom, New-York, USA
*Main Historic Figure: Malcolm X or Hadj Malik El Shabazz
The Late Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little on May 19,1925 in Omaha , Nebraska, his father , a Baptist Minister was an outspoken follower of Marcus Garvey , the Black Nationalist Leader in the 1920s who advocated a “ Back to Africa” movement for African Americans, and during Malcolm ‘s early years his family had to move several times because of the Ku Klux Klansmen ‘s continuing threats as a result of these threats , his home was burned in Michigan and when Malcolm was six years old , his father was murdered.
In the aftermath of this tragedy that occurred to her husband, his mother became mentally ill and remained in a mental institution for about 26 years, Malcolm was sent to a foster home and his sisters and brothers were divided among several families and Malcolm lived in various state institutions and boarding – houses, he dropped out of school at the age of 15.

“Five Star” Hajj

Hajj is supposed to remove all distinctions of wealth, class, position or authority but the Saudis have reduced it to a purely commercial enterprise devoid of its Qur’anic content and Prophetic sunnah.
Hajj is meant to be a great leveller. By donning the two pieces of unstitched cloth, all distinctions of rank, power and wealth are obliterated among pilgrims. Every act of ‘ibadah in Islam is in fact meant to remove such distinctions.

The Great Islamic Revolution in Iran

Unlike all Revolutions that took place in the 20th century especially in the Muslim world aimed at freeing the country from western colonialism and gaining independence then creating societies in which ideologies are based on socialism, nationalism ,other man-made ideologies , the Islamic Revolution in Iran was an exception to the rules.
It is worth recalling that this Great Revolution in 1979 was led by a God- Fearing Man: Ayatollah Khomeini and who exactly came in the very beginning of the new 15th Hijra Century fulfilling the Prophetic Hadith: “There will come in every century a Reformer who shall revive my faith in my Ummah".
Probably no revolution in our contemporary history has raised such passion and eyebrows and made such impact on the whole world as the Islamic Revolution in Iran and its Great Leader Imam Khomeini (May Allah have Mercy on him), just because this revolution was the first to challenge the west and its decadent and immoral structures, and threw overboard one of the most entrenched and most protected corrupt regime in modern times, the Pahlavi regime of the Shah.
Before the advent of this Revolution in 1979 the entire Ummah was in deep sleep akin to a coma and in such state of stagnancy and backwardness, nearly all Muslim states were so fragile and vulnerable to occupation by colonialists and were rather ready or in a stage of “Acceptance of Colonialisibilty” as it was rightly prescribed by the Late Algerian Thinker Malik Bennabi.
The whole idea of this Revolution was not as presumed an issue of toppling a despotic regime of the Shah and replacing it by a new secular “Elite”, had it been so, the West and especially America would have welcome such reality and started to have good ties with the regime in place for the sake of their interests, but this Revolution was rather aimed at implementing the High Islamic values and the drawing of a profile of the Ideal Islamic Person (Homo-Islamicus).
Paradoxically to what the West and America have not put in mind was that the new regime went ahead to replace a pro-western system with a full scale Islamic order so as to create the first Genuine Islamic state in the modern era , such metamorphosis was a great shock to these hostile countries following a very clear stance in the form of condemnation by the new Revolutionary state of the west’s immoral and exploitative role in the world and of the Zionist state for its aggression against the Palestinian people and of the neighbouring “Sheikhdoms” for their total subversion to the west.
So 35 years, since this nascent Revolution took place and in all honesty of the world it has not been a failure at all despite some shortcomings, indeed the huge social changes are here to demonstrate the veracity of the numerous successes , however the IRI is facing some challenges strategically the most wicked and ill fated one is related to the US administration and its bid to stop the IRI’s nuclear program and therefore denying this country and all Islamic countries any progress and benefits of such technological science , thus becoming always dependant on the west and on the US’s mercy and keeping them lagging behind in a such primitive way.
Of course one would not deny the domestic challenges which are quite lesser than the above , it may be true that there is some resentment among some of the two-thirds of Iranian populace which is constituted by the youth and who are too young to remember the Islamic Revolution and who are reluctantly accepting such Godly-prescribed tenets as the strict dress code for women and the prohibition against the mingling of sexes, but generally speaking as good Muslims they support and defend the Islamic regime as long as this legitimacy is based on its ideological Islamic principles.
History was in the making, as it took only 10 days from the first day that Imam Khomeini arrived in Tehran (01st of February 1979) up to the Victory of the Islamic Revolution (11th of February 1979), and the new Prototype or Model, Thanks God combines a considerable amount of “Ups “than “Downs “and just because overthrowing one of the most powerful state in the Muslim world is not something that occurs every year!!!
Despite the very hostile environment from the west and especially America and knowing for sure that all positions taken by the IRI are the product of insightful , diplomatic and fineness tactics this does not mean that it should not be the target of some wise critics regarding the issues of Chechnya and Kashmir where it has to “revise “and has to re-engage some of its unfortunate and mistaken positions issues related to the sad plight of these parts of the Ummah and enhance all possible means to thwart the allegations and propaganda cards which are trying to portray this Islamic Revolution as a Shi’i Phenomenon irrelevant to the rest of the Ummah!!
No wonder after 35 years of this Huge revolution, the Islamic Republic of Iran is the only country in the Muslim Ummah that has its own "Political Decision", and made great achievements in all fields of science especially in the Nuclear one, despite the ongoing"barking" of the great satan's policy makers and some western countries.

WORLD IN FOCUS (Interview with Jeremy Rifkin)

Interviewer: Jennifer Byrne
Jeremy Rifkin is one of the world's foremost thinkers in the area of genetically modified food - the author of many books and articles on the subject, including most recently "The Biotech Century". Jennifer Byrne spoke to him from Washington where he heads the Foundation on Economic Trends.

Byrne: Jeremy Rifkin thank you for joining us tonight. You've been campaigning on these issues for 20 years or so and have been dismissed in the past as something of a luddite, a techno-phobe - do you feel vindicated now that a lot of others have taken up your concerns?

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