Kerry: US Not Trying to Help Syria’s Assad

America's war on Islamic militants is not aimed at helping Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stay in power,” US Secretary of State John Kerry insisted Friday.
The top US diplomat sought to dispel wariness that the "laser focus" on fighting ISIL terrorists has distracted from efforts to end the three-year global war on Syria in which over 200,000 people have been killed.
"This campaign is not about helping President Bashar Assad of Syria," Kerry shot back in an opinion piece Friday in the Boston Globe.

Israel war on children

Children in the Gaza Strip are paying the price of the latest Israeli war on the coastal enclave, as many have been left orphaned by the brutal military aggression, Press TV reports.
The Israeli regime launched its war on Gaza on July 8 and later expanded its military campaign with a ground invasion of the Palestinian territory. Over 2,100 Palestinians, including 578 children and nearly 260 women, lost their lives in the attacks and some 11,000 were injured.

Bahrain Activist Nabeel Rajab Arrested over ISIL Tweets

Leading Bahraini human rights activist Nabeel Rajab was arrested over his anti-regime twitter remarks.
Rajab, who heads the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR), had just returned to the country after an advocacy tour abroad.
He had served two years in prison for organizing anti-government protests before being released in May.
The Saudi-backed police questioned Rajab on Wednesday over his tweets.

Saudi scare story for Western intervention

The Saudi monarch was referring to the terror organization known as the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL), which has gained notoriety for its barbaric campaign of violence in Syria and Iraq, including videoed beheadings of victims and mass shootings of prisoners.
King Abdullah warned that unless Western countries take dramatic action against ISIL and other related extremist groups then the United States and Europe "would be next" on the terror hit list.
"If we ignore them, I am sure they will reach Europe in a month and America in another month," said the Saudi ruler in a public statement at the weekend. "Terrorism knows no border and its danger could affect several countries outside the Middle East," he added.

Saudi regime’s hatred of Islamic movements

Crescent International is a publication of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT), Toronto, Canada.
While claiming to be carrying the banner of ‘Sunni’ Islam, the Saudi regime has visceral hatred for any genuine expression of Islam. We examine why.
What explains the Saudi regime’s visceral hatred of Islamic movements struggling to establish fairness and justice in society based on Islamic principles? The question is especially pertinent in view of the fact that successive Saudi rulers have arrogated to themselves the title of Khadim al-Haramayn (Servant of the Two Holy Cities). By so doing, they claim special status among Muslims. In their innocence, many Muslims have unfortunately fallen for this gimmick.

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