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Now compare to what is repeated ad nauseam and with great consistency from virtually every “good” Muslim mosque pulpit and from every “good” Muslim institutional soapbox including the most prominent American Muslim civil rights organization CAIR noted earlier, each using their own diction of course to inflict precisely the following Propaganda for “moderate Islam”:
‘it was “militant Islam” which is responsible for 9/11 attacks, these are the “bad” Muslims, we are the “good” Muslims, we don’t do terrorism, we must fight terrorism, we must support our government to fight the militants, and we must practice “moderate Islam” which is the true Islam, our blessed Prophet was a “moderate”, he did not kill innocent peoples, the Qur’an forbids killing innocent people.’ — Propaganda message of “moderate Islam”
Consequently, religion-based as well as secular-based voices of “moderate Islam”, the lofty bearers of this propaganda feast for the “the crowd of simpletons and the credulous”, are immediately effective in corralling the majority of “good” Muslims. They span the full gamut of persuasions from conservatives (Hamza Yusuf et. al.) to reform oriented progressives and seculars (CAIR et. al., Laleh Bakhtiar et. al.). All “good” Muslims end up “United We Stand” with the empire in its perpetual war against “militant Islam” following their respective pied pipers. This propaganda transcends the sectarian divide among the “good” Muslims in the West. This is the dominant characteristic of the vast majority of the ‘United We Stand’ mainstream Muslims.
To draw upon empiricism to validate, observe the “good Muslims” inextricably caught in this Hegelian Dialectic in Muslims against Terrorism (frontpage cached), and watch the rich and famous make Proud to be American Muslims videos to distance themselves from “militant Islam”. Joseph Goebbels would be immensely proud of his legatees. At the peak of hubris, Sieg Heil is the only reality!
The few angry Muslims escaping Sieg Heil like the rest of the few angry citizens, but still caught in the Hegelian Dialectic are corralled by the controlled dissent-space anxiously waiting to welcome them. See Hegelian Dialectic of Dissent below.
The controlled dissent is run very efficiently on a treadmill permitting the angry Muslims along with the rest of the Western public to vent their lungs out shouting in the streets, and their fingers out typing on the internet, before they return back to their jobs Monday morning feeling fresh from the weekend catharsis. The too angry among them who are not so easily placated by “weekend jihad” soon acquire the label “bad” or “terrorist”. There is no escape for them so long as they remain caught in the Hegelian Dialectic.
Please go back a little to the Guardian interview with Hamza Yusuf quoted above and observe the uncanny exactness in the wording which almost mirrors the New York Times’ anointing Noam Chomsky. Between “[Noam Chomsky is] arguably the most important intellectual alive” (New York Times) driving the Left, and “Hamza Yusuf is arguably the west’s most influential Islamic scholar” (Guardian) driving the Muslim Right, both proclaiming “militant Islam” attacked America on 9/11 in great synergy with the White House and the Pentagon, the field is covered.
One heads the manufacturing dissent factory catching those who escape the Hegelian Dialectic of “militant Islam” vs. “moderate Islam”, the other heads the manufacturing consent factory for “moderate Islam” against “militant Islam” beating the imperial drums.
Where you gonna go?
Those few who eventually wisen up to it all and fearlessly exit that Hegelian Dialectic altogether are now attempted to be corralled in warmly welcoming “conspiracy” groups strategically cultivated for exactly this purpose as part of “imperial mobilization” planning. As Cass Sunstein put it in “Conspiracy Theories”, these groups lend “beneficial cognitive diversity” to aid statecraft defocus all the angry energies.
If the Hegelian Dialectic didn’t get all the morally angry people as it did the vast majority of the public diabolically trapped between the false paradigm of “militant Islam” vs. “moderate Islam” and controlled dissent all sharing the empire’s core-axioms, this trap catches the remaining majority. Watch how the most intelligent among this lot soon find themselves in the 9/11 Truth Movement. See Toronto Hearings: A strange cast of characters among 9/11 Truth Leadership.
That treadmill is strategically designed to occupy the remaining morally angry people studying 9/11 mysteries and how the WTC towers came down repeatedly calling for “new investigations”. The “history’s actors” of course, unbeknownst to these bright lads, have already announced that this is precisely what they shall all be kept busy with: “We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” In the meantime, the “history’s actors” have acted again and created “new realities”.
There is no exit from that trap either so long as one is kept occupied with the previous fait accompli leaving the “history’s actors” free to enact new ones!
The aforementioned set of comprehensive fly traps pretty much ensnare what appears to this scribe to be close to ninety nine percent of the nation’s citizenry. About the remaining odd percent (or two), Adolph Hitler had observed in his Mein Kampf: “the value of these [skeptics] lies in their intelligence and not in their numerical strength,”! No one pays any attention to them whatsoever. If they speak, they are first ignored, then reviled, and then made an offer they can’t refuse. As part of “imperial mobilization” planning, statecraft ensured via the Patriot Acts, police state laws, “no fly lists”, etc., that there remained no effective means for ordinary citizens to ever effectively mobilize themselves together on a single focussed goal of derailing “imperial mobilization” and therefore pose any threat whatsoever to their plans.
From Islamofascism to police state was one short jump in this slick game of hegemony!
The exercise of primacy always is. And the role of the Mighty Wurlitzer as we can now appreciate is indispensable across the entire spectrum.
The Hegelian Dialectic Militant Islam vs. Moderate Islam will surely go down in history as among the greatest enablers of war, rivaling and perhaps surpassing both Communism vs. Fascism and Communism vs. Capitalism of the twentieth century. It is their legatee for the twenty-first century. It is already called “World War IV” (see Ex-CIA director: U.S. faces ‘World War IV’). The blood stains accumulated on all the saintly hands enabling it, as of those prosecuting it, won’t be cleansed by all the perfumes of Arabia while they sleep holily in bed! (Shakespeare Macbeth) Fortunate are those who at least experience PTSD and can’t sleep holily in bed (see Letter: A Cure for America’s War Veterans who have fertilized the ‘arc of crisis’ in Muslim blood).
The Hegelian Dialectic Militant Islam vs. Moderate Islam however is still designed to play a multifaceted role beyond the prima facie one of each of its individual components.
The mantra of “reform Islam” is the more pernicious of the two. While “militant Islam” has seditiously enabled police states in the West which all can experience themselves without having to read about it, “moderate Islam” is intended to enable the new world religion for these police states which few among the public are able to apprehend just yet.
Many useful idiots who play their role like actors on stage, some believing in the promise of “moderate Islam”, have little understanding of the entire show, their script only being for Act II. Act I was obviously “militant Islam” in this Hegelian Dialectic.
Acts III and IV which are coming up next after the intermission for which the stage is now being set, is to harvest the calculated subversion of all established religions, specifically the religion of Islam, to pave the way for the introduction of Secular Humanism – the new religion of world Government (see Islam vs. Secular Humanism and World Government).

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