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Mouood as a cultural publication offers different theological discussions about Imam Mahdi (As), the lord of age such as : leadership (Imamate), Guardship (Velayat) , acculturation, advent and other subjects concerning the historical, cultural , religious and literary aspects of this fact.

Mouood as a cultural magazine also discusses on new topics about the signs of the end of the time, the western civilization and culture, and religious movements in the world concerning the end of the time.

 The publication (Mouood) is not dependent on any organization, group, party and society, directly or indirectly and believes that this fact (dependence) is against the cultural goal of the publication.

Mouoodis an international publication and hopes to provide the necessary facilities for publishing it in Arabic, English and Urdu in future and present it to people of the other Islamic countries .

Mouoodis prepared to entertain all of the fascinated by Household of prophet and guardship, especially, researchers, authors, poets and literati; maybe blessing of their atandance help us at servicing the rich religious culture and can prepare us to meet that beloved Imam.(Mahdi(As)).




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