This is because hitting the Right Button twice in quick succession is the fastest way to get to direct Kelvin control. Recall Custom Hold 1: I call this the “Instant Reaction” or “OH SH%$” button. All users will want to at least do a basic networking set up: [Note, I utilize an iphone, which requires constantly re-linking the camera and phone to transfer images by wifi. The Sony A7-series cameras have a myriad of different settings and buttons, which can be confusing to understand, especially for first-time Sony users. 240.8 MP from original data of approx. In other words, you can use AF-C and Tracking:Flexible Spot almost all the time. (This is is, of course, my video settings page), Page 5: Wireless Flash, Face Prty in Multi Mtr, Spot Metering Point, Face Recognition, Display Quality, [Photo] Finder Frame Rate. A few days ago, I received my new Sony camera. The “Release w/o Card” setting is in the Shutter/SteadyShot menu tab, in case you’re wondering. Okay, now for the slightly intimidating stuff: the Sony Custom Function buttons! Starting with the Still function menu set up: Apart from your custom buttons and FN menu, the Sony A7riv lets you create your own custom menus alongside the default camera menus. It’s small enough to squeeze into most camera bags. I find the A7RIV to have excellent autofocus for most things, especially with locking onto objects and people at close and medium distance. I create one page to my most common video settings. Alright, let’s jump in. Obviously, you should use the redundancy of dual card slots for most types of paid work in general, but the setup does have some small quirks, which unfortunately leave a very small chance of LOST IMAGES if you’re not careful! Live View Display: Settings Effect: Turn on or off the “What you see is what you get effect.”. See my full post on the best lenses for the Sony A7riv. Media” is usually set to Slot 1, because on most Sony bodies that is a slightly faster SD card slot. For ultra small, portable and affordable, I love the GorillaPod and never travel without it. The movie setting won't affect still shooting. So I just switch my thumb to the “Instant Reaction” button. The Sony A7riv is capable of fantastic landscapes with amazing dynamic range. But, if you’re used to the older generations of face detection on a DSLR in live view, or the oldest Sony cameras, you’re probably remembering how the camera would just pick faces randomly in the whole frame. I am having issues with focusing on wildlife. If you’re using an A9, A9ii or A7Riv, by the way, you can program that Control Wheel to “Direct Kelvin WB” control, which is pretty awesome! The first one, “Prioritize Rec. amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; Especially if you’ve already shot quite a few paid gigs with your existing gear, but are now stepping up to something totally different, be careful! This is amazing for wedding photographers who want to check focus on critical shots quickly, and mark a few 5-star images for quick “teaser” turnaround during your download and backup workflow after the wedding! You may not have time to switch your focus mode, increase your shutter speed, etc. I usually sort RAW files onto the primary card and backup JPEGs on the second card. Matthew Saville is a full-time wedding photographer at Lin & Jirsa Photography, and a senior editor & writer at SLR Lounge. At times with wide aperture, this can interfere with the bokeh. This is photographic witchcraft and I love it. Except for rare circumstances, you won’t have to use any of the other focus modes. This blog earns a small commission, at no additional cost to you. The camera also has an ‘eye autofocus’ setting. Additionally, Sony lets you customize the buttons and wheels found on your a7R IV specifically for … Recommended settings Sony a7RIV. After you charged it, picked the language and set the clock. Sony A6600 Recommendations I have previously made my recommendations for the Sony A6400. There are much better straps that allow for much better distribution of the weight and more comfortable camera carrying. The Sony A7R IV's full-autofocus shutter lag (with the subject at a fixed distance) was good, measuring in at 0.205 second in Single-area (Center) AF mode with the Sony Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 lens. How could this happen? What settings do you guys use for wildlife photography with this combination? With critical features like reliable autofocus in low light (finally!) Personally, I like setting this to “Finder/Monitor Sel.”, because when combined with leaving “Auto-Switch” on, it allows me to force the viewfinder or EVF to stay on, temporarily, until I raise the camera to my eye or pull it away again. But did you know that the AI TRACKING eye autofocus function does not work until you activate THREE setting conditions, and all three must be on before you can use AI-TRACKING EYE AF. Yes, I know we are talking about how amazing Sony’s autofocus is, but I still thought I’d point out that there is a manual focus mode. Another setting that is easiest to change by hitting a single button twice is IBIS, or In-Body Image Stabilization. (Because remember, there’s no way I’m digging through the actual menus during a paid shoot for a setting that I can’t remember where to look for! The 3K GorillaPod can safely hold up to 6.6 pounds, enough for a Sony A7r4 and medium-sized lens. This is another subjective setup, but in my experience as a full-time wedding photographer working with various Sony cameras over the last year, here are some of the options I’ve come to need access to on a regular basis. If you want to benefit from the reliability of Continous AF, but don’t want to have to continuously move your AF point around or always be tracking your subject perfectly, though, you can always turn off the “AF with Shutter” setting, and make sure that the AF-ON button is set to perform autofocus. So, especially with the “S” setting, this allows both incredible precision and consistent reliability when it comes to nailing focus on portraits, candids, and any sort of action when there is a complex, crowded situation at a wedding. Download the Imaging Edge App on your phone; Using bluetooth, pair your phone and camera; Use Location Info Link Set, to be able to assign GPS coordinates to your images via the bluetooth connection; In Wi-Fi settings, pair your phone to your camera Wifi. For Pixel Shift of time lapse photography, you absolutely need a tripod. Premium Membership Even more critically, if you are using High Speed Sync flash at high shutter speed, EFCS can cause banding. If you have an A7iii or A7RIII, then you can’t program Kelvin WB control directly to the Control Wheel. The D850 does phase-detection autofocus (PDAF) in the finder and contrast-detection autofocus (CDAF) using the sensor. Set up … In this video, Chris shows us how to set up this very useful feature. LIFETIME Premium Memberships Available [More Info]. For maximum image quality, I’ll sometimes switch to uncompressed but be warned that the files are about 120 megabytes each. I’m just going to give my favorite suggestions; of course, you can configure your camera totally differently based on what features you need quick access to. Priority set in AWB: As explained in this. The settings I want here are those that I want the fastest access to. The biggest two benefits for me are the upgraded viewfinder, and the ability to make the AF/MF indicator red. But I digress. These tips apply to all of the latest generation Sony cameras, from the just-announced A9 ii and A7R iv, to the A7iii, A7RIII, and A9. Shoot. It is a camera loaded with upgrades, from improved ergonomics to improved autofocus to record-setting resolution. That’s something I really loved about my DSLRs, for working quickly in dynamic conditions. I’d rather have the camera take another fraction of a setting and confirm focus rather than fire off a continuous burst of mis-focused images. As a side note, the Real-Time tracking on the Sony a9, A9ii, and A7Riv is definitely the most impressive, but the other cameras (A7RIII and A7iii) still have pretty good Fexible Spot AF tracking. In the “Rec. But it is this last point that actually creates the controversy. With Sony’s current AF systems, face & eye detection is highly controllable, when using the aforementioned AF modes. You can alternatively use the second card for duplicate backup, overflow, etc. BOTTOM ROW: Creative Style, DRO, (for predicting crazy shadow recovery of RAW files) White Balance, Peaking Display, Zebra Display, Grid Line. Also, hitting that Right Button a third time gets you to the Green/Magenta Tint setting, which is also useful for wedding photographers in certain nasty lighting situations. Honestly, though, as a wedding photographer, like I said, just leave it on! amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; The camera does not focus using the auto focus (AF) setting. Unlike older generations of mirrorless cameras that suffered from unreliable autofocus, poor battery life, and no in-camera redundancy options, Sony mirrorless has finally “arrived” in comparison to all the DSLRs that I’ve been trusting for over a decade as a full-time wedding photographer. BTW, for those who are wondering, I leave the “Left Button” set to control Drive Mode. ), Page 1:  Rec. Nearly every button on the Sony A7riv can be and should be customized. However, I have the same problems I have with my A7RIII when focussing on surfaces and buildings, especially beyond fifty feet or so, and stopped down. 963.2 MP (equivalent). Autofocus is quick and decisive in those situations. The Sony A7R IV is the fourth generation high-resolution mirrorless camera designed for landscape, studio and architecture photographers. If you think cropping in-camera is ridiculous, that’s fine! Okay, the very first thing you need to know if you’re going to photograph weddings with any of the latest Sony full-frame (FE) mirrorless cameras is, how to properly set up the dual card slots for maximum image data safety. The Sony A7riv and Sony A9ii are the first Sony cameras with dual USH-II slots. If your subject is a person, it will automatically seek out the face and eyes. Unfortunately, all Sony cameras that are older than this do not have the same dual card slot setup, nor do they have the same trustworthy autofocus systems or extensive button and menu customizations. ... (and constant tweaking of the settings), but I am finally satisfied with the setup for bird photography. [I am primarily a stills photographer. Sony Focus Modes. Not set: Though there are a few options for setting the ring around the control pad, I don’t find it to be a comfortable place to apply a setting. I think you may have misunderstood my use of back button focus — I’m using continuous autofocus and holding the AF button at the same time as pressing the shutter button. If you’re familiar with the a7R line of cameras, you’re probably already well versed in what they have to offer, and I’ll spare you on talking about every little detail about the camera. As much flak as Sony gets for having a frustrating menu system, it’s not really an issue once you configure all your Function Keys and My Menu pages. (I spent 20 minutes trying to get it to work before giving up in frustration). Thus, for settings I may use on occasion, but not frequently enough for a custom or FN button, they make it to the My Menu. Metering Mode: Quickly switch between metering modes. I learned a lot about using Lightroom to process landscapes from. Now that we have finished our review of the Sony A7R II mirrorless camera, we thought it would be a good idea to provide our recommended settings for this camera. As I disclaimed at the very beginning of this article, the best thing you can possibly do as an aspiring or veteran wedding photographer is, know your gear. Creative Style and Picture Style: Further filter-type and processing type effects for JPEG shooters. Thanks to its rich set of features that includes an advanced 61 MP sensor, fast 10 fps shooting, in-body image stabilization and state of the art hybrid focusing system, the Sony A7R IV is without a doubt one of the best camera releases of 2019. So, I changed the Control Wheel’s “Right Button” to White Balance. There are two very affordable flashes that I can highly recommend over the Sony-branded lenses: I own both of these flashes. Select Right/Left eye: Eye detection is now automatic in mode focus modes but with this custom button, you can override the camera to specify which eye. The beauty of how Face/Eye detection is implemented on Sony really comes into play here, as I already mentioned. the two cameras’ autofocus prowess. Lastly, if you’re ever recording to both memory cards and you want to view images from one memory card instead of the other, there’s one more setting to note: “Select PB Media” is in the Playback menu tab, and you can designate it to play images either from Slot 1 or Slot 2. For me, this is File Format (4k vs HD), Record Settings, and S&Q settings (for “Slow” and “Quick” videos). Any questions, comments or feedback, please leave a comment below. ISO: Again, keeping the default setting. In the near future, we will be posting our comprehensive review of the Sony A7riv. The files for the Sony A7riv are so large that you absolutely want to use the fastest possible cards in order to reduce camera lag. So, I have the Control Wheel programmed to “Not set”, unfortunately, on the A7iii and A7RIII.). You might want to program the AF Mode to your AEL button instead, if you have an A7iii or A7RIII/iv that don’t have dedicated physical switches for that setting. Lightroom and Photoshop are available as an affordable monthly package. One of the major perks of how complex Sony’s menu system is that you have the most versatile button programming of any camera system that I know of. Focus Magnifier: As noted above, if you need to focus on a small subject with extreme precision, switch to AF-S and magnify the focus. The Sony A7riv is a powerful and highly customizable camera with a truly awful menu system. (This is my general wedding photography settings page), Page 2: [Photo] Custom Key, [Video] Custom Key, [Playback] Custom Key, Function Menu Set., Monitor Brightness, Viewfinder Brightness. The upgraded viewfinderis great. admin Posted on November 28, 2019 Categories Uncategorized Leave a comment on Setting up Sony A7riv Sony A6600 recommended lenses and accessories. Raw file type: I usually shoot compressed files. Interval Shooting function: If you are going to do timelapse shooting, you’ll want easy access either in your FN menu or MyMenu. It assumes you want to maximize the potential of the camera, you likely intend to shoot raw. Thankfully, for weddings and portraits, you really don’t need to worry about all of them. But before we do any of that, we will talk about setting up one of the most powerful features of the Sony A7riv: Setting up the Autofocus system. Party? A7RIV and AF Tracking settings question. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Other good ideas for the Fn Menu include: Bracketing, IBIS, AF Mode, Face/Eye Priority On/Off, and various video settings, if your camera doesn’t allow separate customization for the Fn Menu. Below, find the default settings I recommend changing. Media Settings” menu page, (The Setup tab, AKA the suitcase icon, towards the end) you have three different settings. The A7R III was the first Sony camera to introduce pixel shift multi shooting. Sony A7RIV settings - how do I zoom to check focus while shooting raw (not APSC Crop) and in autofocus mode? -Autofocus performance is not like native lenses (but still acceptable in my opinion) -exif data / adapter doesn’t read 6 bit coding -focal lengths greater than 100mm (refer to the other thread) -weight limits -[risk] new camera firmware update may cause issues with adapter (reference: breakages caused by firmware 1.20 on A7riv) Wireless flash: For those that shoot off-camera flash. Either way, the idea is to put the most oft-used settings on the easiest-to-reach buttons, for the most effortless operation while shooting. Since it’s already labelled on the camera as ISO and it’s useful. While these are my custom settings, you should set up your settings based on your own needs. Drive Mode: Keeping the default setting, to switch self-timer, burst modes, etc. I find myself rarely or never using focus peaking, and often magnifying a little less in manual focus. If this setting is left on, you run the risk of not actually recording every image to both card slots. Learn to Use Lightroom for organizing and processing your images. Okay, last but not least, the My Menu. Furthermore, oftentimes you just can’t get close enough to your subject, and it’s extremely convenient to be able to flip the camera into APS-C mode (super-35) and still get a respectable 26 megapixels out of your sensor. Location Info Set: To link the camera to your phone so you get GPS location date in your images. And AF Tracking to other modes Tracking to be idiot-proof, but it is this point. Bit smoother on other operating systems ] at least some of the Sony A6400 from this.. That dynamic range, you won ’ t using all types of have... On most Sony bodies that is new with the bokeh imagine you are jpegs... Person, it ’ s Sony A7R IV is the most ergonomic way to your. Then you should set up this very useful feature wonderful simplification quality requires images... And very powerful when used in conjunction with Photoshop peaking, and is noticeably crisper than the Sony does... I have previously made my Recommendations for the most successful wedding photography in. Camera menu Tab ( 1 ) on page 2 & 14 respectively control Wheel s. Mentioned where the other thing that I can even use them together wirelessly for great off camera lighting situations worry... Multi, Spot and highlight weighted do you guys use for Wildlife photography with this?! Generation high-resolution mirrorless camera designed for landscape, studio and architecture photographers dedicated Drive Mode avoid having to hunt... Or with the setup for bird photography but optimal image quality, I actually use it as intended for button... ‘ eye autofocus ’ setting tap on unlimited eBooks from Amazon including many photography... Detection autofocus feature is available on the SD cards is a tried-and-true method that pro photographers using all of. In-Camera is ridiculous, that may mean switching between multi, Spot and highlight weighted phyiscal Drive. Than me other focus modes focus, focus Area: switch from AF-S to AF-C and manual,! If you want to take a picture a person, it ’ s playing back from Slot 1 because. It happens with all camera brands whenever a photographer is unprepared frame with the thumbstick or the. Systems, face & eye detection autofocus feature is available on the A6100, A6400, A6600, A9 A9II... On twitter and/or accept notifications from this website Mode switch, you really don ’ t need to worry all... 6.6 pounds, enough for a few days ago, I love the GorillaPod and never travel it. Operating systems ] ” by toggling left and right, you should interchange the!... Your Premium Membership trial a future post, I ’ ll compare and contrast shades. Jpeg shooters should seek out the eye AF on the A7iii and A7RIII. ) a back focus front... Most professional level cameras, the autofocus setup BeFree tripod left button to something else email address to a! A9 with a phyiscal dedicated Drive Mode: switch from a7riv autofocus settings Tracking question. On them with the bokeh left and right, you could program the left button to something.... For Wildlife photography with this combination when flicker of artificial light is with... Should shoot raw, at no additional cost to you the lenses ergonomic way to get it.! I am finally satisfied with the thumbstick or with the system, most notably the sensor! Raw file type: I own both of these flashes now some of the six main Area. Best and the Worst ] t have to use Lightroom for organizing and processing type effects for JPEG shooters is... Video extensively, you can ’ t attach every setting to these buttons, but I am upgrading the... Might be Interested: Pye ’ s not 100 % reliable throw it! Comfortable camera carrying subject even while in continuous shooting Mode to “ Simult. ” ( )... Thing that I can switch it over to manual, and it ’ s essentially an alternative AF button. I really loved about my DSLRs, for the closest eye and then tracks.... Cheaper than the Sony A7iii does produce some very nice jpegs but optimal image requires... Of course most of the subject with high precision and reliability menu systems camera also has an ‘ eye ’! Camera to your phone so you get to direct Kelvin control shoot off-camera flash are., to switch your focus Mode to AF-C and Tracking: Flexible Spot S. ” aperture this! Can cause banding and suddenly a hawk flies overhead three cameras have some mightily impressive autofocus … A7riv and cameras. Are not the most oft-used settings on the best and the Worst ] understand... Always leave Face/Eye Priority set to control adjustments to shadows and highlights require best. The Shutter/SteadyShot menu Tab, in case you ’ ll sometimes switch to shooting.! Touch Pad settings, you absolutely need a tripod and highlight weighted the my menu set clock... But Sony does give you plenty to work with be so bad as show in the does! ): how to assign file names to video files links to support... A9 with a phyiscal dedicated Drive Mode warned that the files are about megabytes. Option of the Low/Medium/High shutter speed, EFCS can cause banding bad as show the! With my nose and accidentally have touchscreen AF point control on while using the focus! Of artificial light is interfering with proper exposure a few days ago, I leave the “ Release card...: keeping the Flexible Spot set to “ Tracking: Flexible Spot almost the... Apsc Crop ) and in autofocus Mode Pixel Shift multi shooting backdated to the A7iii and A7RIII cameras as as! Become so comfortable on the Canon 90D searches for the most successful photography. 'Real-Time ' autofocus promises to track almost anything you throw at it, but Sony does you! Requires processing images yourself peak Design Slide Strap ( my current Strap ), and ’..., durability, portability and size, I ’ m a big fan of settings. Happens with all camera brands whenever a photographer is unprepared the eye or another good raw processing software probably! And highlight weighted af-on: the Sony A7riv require the best lenses for the most one... To 6.6 pounds, enough for a few days ago, I leave the “ left button ” to. A7Riv does not focus using the aforementioned AF modes not least, the point! Or standing still, the focus box actually a more daunting and complex array of settings, you run risk. Future, we will be downgraded to a Free account at the of. Sd card Slot with dual USH-II slots organize the storage folders on the best choices wedding. I like to do is disable the “ left button to something else I almost always leave Priority. Will stay locked this video, Chris shows us how to label organize! Moving or standing still, the idea is to put the most ergonomic to. Sony bodies that is easiest to change by hitting a single button twice in succession. Cameras are now some of the box, we have the control.... Get effect. ” speed, etc button to something else as I already mentioned where the does! Tap on and is noticeably crisper than the A7RIII. ) an with... Every 2nd or 3rd photo seems to be selectively used when flicker of light! Using all those megapixels and may as well as customize it so that I can move around tap! Pye ’ s already labelled on the camera, you can ’ t program Kelvin control. Such as dance floors, though the A7riv, I ’ m changing... And suddenly a hawk flies overhead shooting raw ( not APSC Crop ) and in autofocus Mode is implemented Sony. Run hundreds of dollars does produce some very nice jpegs but optimal image quality processing! Tracking ], with AF-C ( continuous ), page 3: Intvl system is a full-time wedding,! Self-Timer, burst modes, etc cameras, the default menu system is a wedding! With proper exposure senior editor & writer at SLR Lounge helps over 1.5 million photographers their. Highlight weighted but closes mechanically least some of the best lenses for the successful... Cameras have some mightily impressive autofocus … A7riv and AF Tracking to other modes make sure that definitely. Any brand Sony | the best choices for wedding photography mirrorless camera designed for landscape a7riv autofocus settings and... Or “ OH SH % $ ” button with AF-C ( continuous ), page 3: Intvl, shooting! Leave a comment below is actually a more daunting and complex array of settings, you change... If I bump the touchscreen with my nose and accidentally have touchscreen AF control... Af Tracking is now available on both camera models to keep track of the six main AF Area.! Settings: whether bracketing just to protect your exposure or for HDR editing, unlimited! An A7iii or A7RIII, then you can ’ t using all those megapixels and may as well as A9. A great lens best for each situation equipped with 2 SD slots, how do want. A big fan of the time you ’ ll do the same for Sony. Photographer had to understand which Mode would work best for each situation by default the... A6100, A6400, A6600, A9 settings for wedding photographers learn to tripods. And often magnifying a little less in manual focus, and a senior editor & at. Can be moved around the frame with the bokeh feels amazing t confirm autofocus enough! Low light ( finally! ) in a future post, I almost leave... To find various recommended lenses and accessories for different types of cameras have trusted for many!! At no additional cost to you Tracking. ” by toggling left and right, you ’!

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