Report abuse Russell Young. Strewn before me were a variety of futuristic-looking devices, all in varying shades of chrome and glossy white plastic, with sleek robotic names that could share a family tree with Siri: JeNu, Tria, Genius. To use the FaceFX anti-aging product, perform treatments 3 times a week for 4 weeks. Find out how it works. Silk’n has two anti-aging devices, the FaceFX and the Titan, that can successfully tighten and lift skin to reduce wrinkles, crow’s feet and facial lines. To treat your entire body, pair the FaceFX with the Silhouette. The result was two of the most revolutionary anti-aging devices available, the FaceFX and the Titan. Age impacts the human body in a variety of ways, the most visible being skin. In laymen's terms, the idea is that it vibrates at an ultra-rapid rate, pushing your chosen product deeper into your skin. This device features 24 red light circles that emit energy through a stainless-steel treatment surface that easily glides on skin. You can also learn why certain technologies and treatments have been unsuccessful in making your skin look younger. Silk’n FaceFx Reviews and Complaints Silk’N FaceFX has the biggest advantage of similar devices sold in the market and that is its wireless capability. Silk’n devices need to be properly used so that you can receive the expected results. New Year Sale on Now! Its unique water-based formulation facilitates skin massage when used with the Silk’n Silhouette and Titan. They are designed to help you feel confident and look your best. The Titan is efficient, safe and you won’t need any time to recover after treatment. Table of Contents. Antonia VIP Member 20% products discount Online Deal: Dec 31, 2021: Free Shipping on Hair Removal Silk'n Jewel. The FaceFX can be used to treat cheeks, forehead, neck, around the mouth and is adept at reducing dreaded crow’s feet. 69% reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. By developing a line of at-home devices, Silk’n helps you avoid the dreaded “miracle cures” that will cost you time, money and stress due to their inability to solve your skincare challenges. The Titan is specialized for the cheeks, upper lip, forehead, jawline, neck and around the eyes. Follow-up question: Do I really need two LED devices? Silk'n Titan Skin Tightening and Lifting. The Titan can sense damaged tissue and then provide treatment to heal it. I've found that it's a great mindless Netflix activity, and have actually been pretty impressed with each setting. Learn how to use the Silk'n Titan device to lift and tighten skin from the inside out! Those laser currents are no joke—I'd liken the sensation to snapping rubber bands against my face. Fun? Exposure to the sun speeds up the process of aging. $243.59 $347.98. The Silk'n Slider Gel Bundle Silk’n Slider Gel is for use with the Silk’n Silhouette and the Silk'n Titan. The FaceFX is a light emitting diode (LED) device that improves the tone and texture of your skin with Home Fractional Red Light Therapy, which combines red light and healing dermal heat. Visible results can be noticed in 3-7 weeks of treatments. Visit our US Site ( to ship to United States. The best results come from proper use of the device and a thorough treatment per the device’s instructions. Silk’n Titan Device hand-held skin care device claims to be the ultimate skin-care technological solution promising numerous skin health benefits with stunning results. Red Light LED spurs collagen restoration in the dermis layer of skin. Strewn before me were a variety of futuristic-looking devices, all in varying shades of chrome and glossy white plastic, with sleek robotic names that could share a family tree with Siri: JeNu, Tria, Genius.They all had different purported methods of doing so, but they all had the same job: to make me look younger. $215.20 $269.00. 4. Don’t rush a session or attempt to treat your face in one shot. 2. To use the FaceFX, we recommend conducting treatments that run 15-20 minutes (about 5-7 minutes per zone) at least three times a week for four weeks. ... Silk’n has built a reputation for delivering dependable results that enhances your skin form and vitality safely and naturally. Marrying amazing anti-aging devices with skincare knowledge is a proven recipe to reduce the appearance of aging. But I was nonetheless excited at the prospect of targeting those results at the fine lines around my eyes—and more importantly, my under-eye bags. This was one of the few devices where I saw immediate results—essentially the results I was used to by using my go-to products on their own, but visibly amplified. How Often To Use the Silk’n Titan. How does it work? New Year Sale on Now! Hypodermis: This is the deepest layer and it is comprised mostly of fat and connective tissue. Today I am SUPER excited to share my 10-week update on my Silk'n Titan campaign. Trustpilot. Silk’n has two anti-aging devices, the FaceFX and the Titan, that can successfully tighten and lift skin to reduce wrinkles, crow’s feet and facial lines. Brown caps off dominant drive with incredible TD catch vs. Ravens This section of the Resource Centre is designed to guide you through a typical Silk’n anti-aging treatment. A decade ago, Silk’n dedicated its collective scientific and engineering efforts to making the best clinical technologies accessible to the at-home market. $295.78 $347.98. I already own (and love) Tria's full-size laser, so I essentially knew what I was in for. Using the Silk’n Titan anti-aging device. BetMGM: Bet $1, Win $100 if the Titans or Packers score a touchdown States: TN, CO, IN, NJ, WV PointsBet: Bet $20, Win $125 if the Packers gain a yard or more States: NJ, CO, IN, IL Check out the details below: BetMGM Sportsbook Offer: Bet $1, Win $100 if the Titans or Packers score a touchdown Silk'n Titan: rated 3 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. But if the future of my complexion was at stake, I was sure as hell going to try.Â. Silk'n Titan Instructions For Use Manual (18 pages) Brand: Silk'n | Category: Personal Care Products | Size: 1.04 MB Table of Contents. 3. Use either device as a quick pick me up, before special events or occasions, to add a little life to your skin. While it's not specifically anti-aging, the JeNu infuser utilizes ultrasound technology to increase product absorption. You can purchase the Silk’n Titan Anti-Aging Device for around $270. Don’t let lines define youThe Silk'n Titan is an anti-aging device that works with harmonized energy technology to reduce wrinkles and lift facial contours. One of the best things about using either device, is just how relaxing and enjoyable the treatments are. 3. Get To Know Your Silk'n Titan 1. What is Silk’n Titan? Looking forward to having glowing, refreshed smooth skin! Save 30% off + Free Shipping on All Bundles + Free Gift!! In this Resource Centre, you will discover expert opinion and gain access to a variety of information about Silk’n devices and how skin ages. EN 1. I did, however, notice that it made a marked difference in my skin texture, which I can only guess is owing to the turnover of fresh cells. Still, I'm not convinced I'd stick with something that's such a time commitment (and a tad bulky) when I can get similar results with my derma-roller. 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