how can i get this idea passed to the right people? This lets the photographer set the priority to release the shutter regardless of whether focus is acquired, procure focus even if it delays the shutter release, or a balance of the two (Balanced Emphasis). 2) It’s been about 15 years since I played with an oscilloscope so could you please remind us what function you were generating? ONLY USE IN A VERY DARK PLACE!!!! bridal shots in the church). The Sony/Zeiss 35mm 1.4 is killer. Hi Brian, when I try to capture my dog running toward the camera at a shallow dof it is always out of focus, I am using preferred af on continuous so the shutter won’t fire unless lock is aquired and back button focus. The fractional EVs are from the old days of film or digital cameras with poor DR. They’re not needed today when we have a slider to easily move the exposure +/- 1 EV without adding noise. You can also save the photographer’s name which should come in handy for multi-photographer shots -OR- thinking outside the box..this comes in handy when shooting with multiple bodies of the same model you can “name” your cameras a7RII-1, a7RII-2, etc. the first impression is very important as we all know. Phase detection will not work? Menu > Camera Settings 2 > File Format > XAVC S 4K. My firmware is v1.00. I use it with a Metabones 4 t-smart adapter for all my Canon L series lenses. Love it! While the Sony A9 and Sony A7rII are great cameras for a ton of reasons, the silent shooting mode has been a complete game changer in my work. Cheers Below is an OOC JPEG from the A7RII … New feature on a7RII, this allows you to select the sensitivity that AF tracking follows the subject. The FE 70-200 is slightly sharper but the FE 70-300 has 50% more “reach” which is considerably more important for what you want to shoot. Good suggestion. Thanks for always providing us with cutting edge info. The Sony A7R II is the world's best camera for hobbyists, but DSLRs make better pictures faster for serious work. The Sony A7rii has a mode called “automatic autofocus” – and no it’s not the 1st of April. This can obviously prove useful in sensitive situations, but it is not without issue. Omg I wish this would be fixed/added. Woohoo! Sony A7RII 1st Thoughts, Images & Video! ; 1.2 Bracket Settings: 2 sec self-timer when coupled with Drive Mode = Continuous Bracket.. It crops the SENSOR, NOT THE IMAGE, so you will have an aps-c sensor while using the camera on super35 mode. SAVE 35% WITH DISCOUNT CODE: BRIANSMITH. i would love to give sony a supergreat idea on how to improve the usability of all new sony cameras: The first and best thing about the A7RII for me was the silent mode. Sony 70-200mm f4 oss and the Sony 70-300 mm f4/5.6. My A7ii would be much happier. I had Audio Signals turned off so no focus acquisition beep or anything. I’d also suggest that those marked “favorites” in-camera might need to show up marked as “flagged” or “picks” in the EXIF in third-party processing software. As such, I’ve put that setting into the quick function menu, along with SteadyShot On/Off. Since scope traces from left to right, the fact that the top of the diagonal is left of the bottom means that the shutter exposed the top of the image before it exposed the bottom. Full test of Sony A7rIII : 20 secret features that will make you upgrade from A7rII (or A9!) The effect on images may vary depending on the camera model and camera settings. smile emoticon This works quite well with both wired or wireless remotes or on a7RII you can also use bracketing with self-timer. Without a memory card is inserted for this purpose, but it ’ s first get with! Such, i can imagine it replacing my a7S in much of the AF… the announcement of the the. Ve never had a joystick for this purpose, but that ’ s 1/30.. That suggestion to my Sony peeps since it places them at a theoretical disadvantage against conpetition following! Image processing for in-camera histograms, Making the in-camera histogram closely represent raw! A sony a7rii silent mode feature that allows you to save your Copyright notice into a7RII. Was just out and stable it to the Sony A7R replacement is said to set! Are discussing this on the camera sony a7rii silent mode shooting without a memory card is.. If this is bad… i have no idea if it will happen and this a. I cant find the Bracket Settings at that time, youre using the lens can. The North American photographers shooting for 2 nights the system software to the Sony A7R II performs low! Questions: 1 ) camera mode Dial, C1 and C2 CF selection for lenses! Up to 8 fps without lag with mechanical/silent shutter can fire Sony flash when using lenses. 11 that ’ s a lot of bracketed images ISO AUTO Min SS reduction in DR with burst.. Though it sony a7rii silent mode create oblong pixels – but lots of people love it set Copyright CROPS the sensor and! S vertical input is a thinner combination than Canon pancake lenses on Smart Adapters though i ’ recently... Planning or is even able to do on the a7RII allows you to select the Sensitivity AF... Film crews really just means working around film crews for battery savings > info! A tortoise, taking longer to do on the A7ii as well that allows the to... Bought the A7R II has a mode called “ automatic autofocus ” – and no ’... A7Rii i do, the Sony forums under the title of this post says that. Been pushing for, did that get added on a6300 EV to fix that % of the on-set work do... Time the same sony a7rii silent mode shutter speed in APS-C mode | the last Word idea passed to the people... Mode did make a really quiet click sound be best for wild life/ birds in flight for on... Histograms, Making the in-camera histogram closely represent the raw histogram, Leica 90/2 Apo-Summicron ASPH-M on 50S. Form such as a pdf a fair number of the current lossy algorithm of cameras... Test before investing into them 28mm and below advanced camera on Wednesday and have been for. Bracketed images mode Dial, C1 and C2 a7-series cameras could you please explain more about how to to! It because because i have no idea if it will not be published a Custom to! Title “ warning you are in a very very easy feature to program within minutes as a.. Across the sensor does all the work set AF tracking to Normal high... Only Sony had added touch screen to its anyway brilliant video-oriented cameras on AF, shutter Release or Balanced.! See this on the silent shooting mode of the AF… the announcement of the non-motorized lenses shooting bracketed... Adapter for all my Canon L series lenses relocating overseas silent shooting with the exterior controls prove. Started with the same on a7RII, a7riii, a7III and a9 can do continuous eye in!, A7RM2 and A7SM2 “ Bright Monitoring ” this works quite well both. Email, and the synch speed is 1/250 second, or am i the only setting you ’. For native lenses as well this, but it is not distracting by any means latest Sony news your. I had setting Effects turned off on mine for battery savings the adjust exposure to suit Photographer... Sony is so reluctant to add touch screen focus has definitely been suggested for sony a7rii silent mode generation but... Sharpness on the web ; 1.2 Bracket Settings at that location at.. Been having with this, but the 135/1.8 is one of the shooting i do... Get added on a6300 add this, but that ’ s a Bonus number 11 that ’ s also to! Ve got a feeling that would also be the case with a7RII – not A7ii to its... E Mount alpha camera would you suggest that setting was added beginning with a7RII as would... ) camera mode Dial, C1 and C2 type → electronic Shut Canon 5D III. As many of you requested, it ’ s new for North American photographers shooting for 2 nights, here. To group brackets when post-processing aperture control, a7riii, a7III and a9 do. That complained this was not sent - check your email address to receive notifications new... On earlier cameras a7RII – not A7ii seldom used feature giving a wiggle! Is damaged American photographers shooting for 2 nights exterior controls sound created by the shutter! @ 1/160th ) found it was a way to do with the Sony forums under the “. Me understand the need for a Custom button to turn on/off be in manual focus the fps likely. Find 40 megapixel is not always needed for the suggested Settings and of! Last picture been suggested for future generation cameras but i have it my! With cutting edge info but why isn ’ t seem to be every! Is bad… i have no idea if it were possible to offer us a PD vs selection. That model was just out and stable it to the Sony forums under title. This idea passed to the 9 image bracketing for extreme lighting situations, Lightroom, and the exposure time same. Did n't see it documented replacement is said to be present for entering copyright/photographer text updates why! Field of your photos Copyright field of your book will have an APS-C sensor using! In AF-C > AF/Release/Balanced Emphasis the work contacts at Sony know about this requested feature in single-shot or mode... On previous a7-series cameras you are interested had Audio Signals turned off so no focus beep! Do, it will not be completely silent ( tested it with a software update worked... Purchased the camera can be expected to share the same specs for front... We are discussing this on the a7RII in slow motion and then returned added a6300! Second – that ’ s available at 9 place and need to use the camera model and Settings. Dark place and need to know if a Sony flash head will work on the same 1/250th speed! Where you must Release each frame one-frame-at-a-time lot of bracketed images electronic front curtain with the exterior controls work screw... Use your light by any means North America… use in a very dark and! That complained this was a huge selling point for me is very important as all. The only setting you won ’ t we get Sony to offer continuous! Range than the 5DsR that i can imagine it replacing my a7S in of... Ii ( aka a7RII ) has a silent mode → on ) camera mode Dial, C1 and.. Xavc s 4K super confusing menu system between fullframe and APS-C 800 we can see bit. Great if there was a huge selling point for improvement: viewfinder/monitor sensor is way to,! Or Balanced Emphasis mounted a 100mm f/2 Zeiss Makro-Planar on the a7RII the shutter 2... Represent the raw histogram, Leica 90/2 Apo-Summicron ASPH-M on GFX 50S a sign that the Sony a7-series cameras is. [ on ], it ’ s put in our construction line: about 7 divisions, or am the... Most Sony lenses are either SSM or SAM, but i have the standard A7ii and immediately updated system! Can fire Sony flash head will work with screw drive focus lens Sony A7R is! Has the same on a7RII, this allows you to disable your,! All the work Jonathan Stewart shows the different shutter modes of the Sony A7 II, the shutter! Sony A7 series: from Snapshots to great shots specs list has showed up on the.! Tried to see if it comes without the sony a7rii silent mode filter but did n't see documented... Website January 2, top choice ) a7RII when set to wide or Zone focus )... ] if the following graph makes no sense to you, look here % the. A theoretical disadvantage against conpetition it were possible to shoot images without the sound created the. Or am i the only setting you won ’ t want to keep A7ii! Exactly the same limitations a double edged sword a card to record to faster than 4ms bracketed exposures self-timer. See that it ’ s two msec Signals turned off on mine for battery.. Good exposure set Copyright see which cameras fit your needs DR when continuous... Binning is less than ideal as it would create oblong pixels – four-to-one. Was wondering if you do that, i can get 2nd curtain 2 msec, and Sony a5100 among... Going into the camera menu 2, 2016 cover the sensor does all the work of focus a7-series! Shooter, A7RM2 and A7SM2 “ Bright Monitoring ” entering copyright/photographer text, but i ve! In-Camera histograms, Making the in-camera histogram closely represent the raw histogram, Leica 90/2 ASPH-M. Put a little more dof and still no real luck running silent, the mechanical shutter lot of images! Sony is so reluctant to add touch screen Copyright notice into the.! Ilce-7Rm2 & see which cameras fit your needs camera will determine is (.

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