when junghwan 'confessed' to dukseon, he took everything back so quickly i began crying tears of frustration. Gallyjil May 25 2020 7:02 pm To Bellel. oppa! Good luck to the cast! TeamPBGTeamJHbutnotTeamCH Jan 18 2016 3:08 am At first I was confident that JH is the husband but now I see how Teak + DS works more comfortable like married couple. I didn’t realize when I started feeling I was living with them in Ssangmundong. I can not forget the damn ending. The actors and actresses were so good and the story was beyond good!! Episode 18 was really sorrowful for me.. though i'm in #TEAMJUNGHWAN .. When duk sun's husband say he isn't get the chocolatte, maybe duk sun's husband isn't sun wo,haha i wish taek is duk sun's husband wkwkwk because he say he isn't get that chocolatte ^^, myungmeo Nov 12 2015 9:12 am i'm not sure who will be the husband of duk son.. but i'm sad to say that taek is not the husband because at that time when duk sun put the chocolates on one of the bags of the boys.. taek don't have a bag at that time. I really hope DS end up with baek... my heart hurts to see jung hwan, but I think he will br fine hehe... baek don't have any girl friend so he thought he likes DS. I think the writer was trying to REALLY keep us guessing with this one. I like Taek but he is not the one for her (just my opinion) because he grew up just looking at Deok Sun, he is excluded in the outside world. to all my fellow Korean Drama Fans from India. DO NOT WATCH THIS DRAMA! Just saying, not hate please. Sure, the bickering is cute onscreen, but living with these two couldn't have been easy for the Sung siblings. Drama series Answer Me… Trust me. He has also been in several movies, but Reply 1988 is the first series he starred in. T_T. I stop watching at eps 19 halfway after i know the husband.. sigh.. good story line. XXX Sep 02 2016 11:38 am Choi Taek's look is such a head turner and his innocence will draw you to him but peace Dec 04 2015 12:42 am Los Angeles loves you!!! Thank you for the producer, staff, actors and actress, you all did a great job. Reply 1988. Why did I read the comment? Episodes Reply 1988. Other than the meaningless clues, some plot holes and wasted effort to show chemistry between Duk-Sun and Jung-Hwan, overall story was good showing relationship and love between friends and family. They're friendship is really deep that you sometimes feels envy with their friendship. BIG NO for Dong Ryong!!! This is sooooooooo good.. One of my Favorite Korean Drama.. Park Bo-Gum and Hyeri amazing... ♥♥♥♥♥♥. and you have to fight for your love, show it with word and action. Now waiting for Han Groo to accept it! @dycin: U made my day! It didn't tie up the loose ends of other peoples' stories, particularly the guy that Dukseon did NOT end up with. Episodes Reply 1988. :( I guess that's how real life is; fating and timing are crucial, but grabbing ahold of the chances when given are just as important. Although I was rooting for JH and DS, I was not disappointed that at the end it was DS and TS that ended up together. And then this is happend,second of chilbong poor for uri taeki but he's great actor and i love his acting so much, #teamjungpalf Jan 08 2016 8:28 am i can definitely see myself in 40 years re-watching this with my grandchildren. about family, and relationship among the mothers and fathers. It's completely his fault and even he accepted its not timing but the courage he needed. That's all. //]]>. The star of this Reply 1988 though are the 3 ahjummas LOL. but I can see DS still fall for jungpall, but disappointed the jungpall give her shirt to his brother (which is it just misunderstanding), in ep 17, when they playing soccer DS only see jungpall (camera angel so much focus on jungpall), and until they meet angain in 1994 DS only seeing jungpall (when she said that she is still famous around boys and she has blind date) her eyes only focus oon jungpall. i watched this drama this year and i don't know why i didn't watch this sooner. Love it from the bottom of my heart! I don't care who is DS husband, 'coz i love Park Bo Gum, he's great actor. For those who knows the pain of first love, it may remind you of your broken heart moments. Writer-Nim, are we expecting another reply series i.e. and if you are like me and watch osts while watching the drama, you can listen to them but don't watch or read comments. I barely understand Reply 1994 because the background for that series is when I was 1 year old. He talked about the postcard and watched SW dumped DS ㅋㅋㅋ Gonna miss reply 1988... very great drama! It almost a year but my heart in pain everytime i remember him. Well. Either will be fine by me!! Every minute. Just give her a chance to improve. I personally agree that taek's more suitable to duk seon. dont you guys love those ajummas talks,laughter?XD ( esp sunwoo's mum. the end of episode 18 was amazing! Who are we to condemn the writter. Bt teak went on a lot of blind dates..( It says on the paper article on ep 18..) wow matching perfectly.. i saw the teasers just now and the main girl lead is not pretty at all. It's so annoying :'( I totally loved the younger version of Duk Seon. I am so scared that my favourite drama series will be ruined because of Hyeri. Idk if its just me buuuut I think Junghwan was supposed to be the husband but they decided to make taek the husband instead. [They must be #teamjunghwan hihi] . irony right ? I think Duk-Sun will ending with Sun-Woo :( if you don't fight, somebody would take your lover away. This drama connects us to the nostalgic memory lane of simpleness of life for average people and emphasizes the camaraderie between families, friends, neighbors & every one. you can tell they didnt write the script along the way, but instead had it planned out. Out of curiosity i ended up watching the last episode, hoping that the least this show could do is to made things clear that i misunderstood somehow.. maybe.. but i ended up with an expression "????" Fighting!!! cant move on from this drama . I hope duk seon's future husband is Taek,but i am just guess it jung hwan will be duk seon's husband. i hope duk sun and jung hwan will be couple .. Elle Dec 14 2015 9:11 pm Does anyone know the actror who plays Manager Oh? Make sure, watch the final first. I am sorry for all DS and Taek Shippers but I really want Jung Hwan to ends up with her. I thought earlier espode already reveal who is DS husband. plus the fact that all the characters in the drama always talk about Taek and the gathering of the 4 kids in Taek's room even he isn't around are another hints.i don't remember they talk about JH(except when DS friend's tell her JH likes her for sure). Take a nostalgic trip back to the late 1980s through the lives of five families and their five teenage kids living in a small neighborhood in Seoul. honestly, i didnt understand what people liked in 1997. and how did they never reveal who DS liked before she thought SW liked her? I can't wait another week to watch the episode 17 and 18, I need it right now huhu *crylikeariver* Please give Dukseon and Junghwan more scene, I want to see their sweetness to each other, there's only 4 episode left but there's nothing happen between the main cast. and if anyone thinks that Taek is the "good" and "kind" second lead that never gets the girl, please just go back and watch the drama again. this drama is not only on love story its family drama which teach us value about family relationships...love taek and ds........ peace Jan 15 2016 1:43 pm Well i don't really mind duk seon ends with taek but i don't like how their love story goes on especially since that kiss scene between them when they were still children, and how duk seon never tell us how she felt back then and come claer to taek and start dating yet they went into painful momentarily good-bye. I thought that I'll be okay if any of the two guys(taek or jung hwan) ends up with duk seon but as i watch the drama, I fell inlovewith Junghwan character that I don't want him to get more hurt than Taek and sometimes, I don't like the secenes between Taek and Dukseon because all I want to see is the scene between and Junghwan. I dont really feel the romanticism between DS and CT. Worst of the worst. I hope get a better the drama. I hate love triangle thing and everytime I ship my otp the ending is always the opposite. I hope.. it'll be Park Bo Gum LOL. Only if they didnt give me that ending it would be the #1 kdrama of my life. 2. Lee sungkyung And the more I watch it, the more I fell in love with all the characters! I'm kinda miss thiss drama sometimes.. should i try to watching it again? #teamjungpal totally boycotted it and refused to watch, i know it lol. What do you think about Kim Junghwan of Korean drama Reply 1988? And he just know Lee Moon Sae. narashi Jan 15 2016 9:37 pm dont really care who the husband is.. Geeez, i was really rooting for jhung hwan. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; DS said that Taek is good in baduk, but he's not smart... soooo :з. Vaar Dec 13 2015 7:37 am Its just so obvious. Why the other #teamJungHwan said that Jung Hwan is the husband? I get it because that's his personality. I would be happier if these two had more scenes together to show their love relationship. 9.1. This drama is recommended if you love plot twist and good boy type. Then expect that Jung Hwan is The Husband. krystal thank you... could careless about this hyeri ..as in another dramas, people just end up putting up with bad acting (and prob go into skipping mode). Did anyone see the preview of ep.19 OMG I'm confuse I really LOVE this series but if they cast Hyeri for it, I don't want to watch it.. kiki Jul 20 2015 1:50 am i know that taek also did the same, but come on, we all know jh has been hurting more than him. Why sung woo and bo ra love story got more attention than taek and duk seon? So make sure to do your best and have no regrets!!! Well if the story really will be about families on the same road, I can see a logic in that. arin Jan 23 2016 10:12 pm A rich kid, a single mother&father kid, the perfect family but parents never home kid. cyndy Jan 19 2016 8:42 pm The friendship these kids share in the show, having grown up in the same neighborhood since childhood, and almost being like siblings, reminds me of my own childhood. Lol to each their opinion. But im so dissapointed about the ending. I feel that she's starting to have feelings for Taek because her feelings were hurt when Taek cancelled the movie date. Come on. I laughed so hard watching reply 1988, i never got tired. Omg.. Today I watched the last episode. Highly RECOMMENDED!!! really hope hyeri acting got better. JH was not able to date so much because he was training, Taek always goes to dates but gets dumped because he does not talk. that was really lame. But just here waiting for the "answer" and that the husband will be Junghwan!!! To the actors, the writers, and the directors: This is one of the best kdrama's of all time! Anyway, can anyone tell me what is the title song when taek and dukseon kissing?._. They're probably also gonna have that "is he gay is he not?" 4) The night Hwan came back to the camp, mother Mi Ran suddenly felt uneasy and anxious. Rere Mar 17 2015 3:32 am Jiae Jan 19 2016 1:05 pm i just watched until episode 15 but someone spoiled the ending and now i hesitate whether should i watch it until the end or not, since i've been rooting for Junghwan since episode 1. I was shocked when I see the rating. hurin Dec 11 2015 2:45 am I dont even like him that much, he is not handsome (although he is handsome, yes frustating rite). But junghwan and duk seon is just so different. It feels more nostalgic and warm, altough the ending of the love story between junghwan, deuksun and choi taek feel bittersweet. since then deoksun understand and show her "REAL" like toward choiaek. And why dont they explain more about Jung Hwan... and the other character? why suddenly DS love Taek, you know DS love SW because her friend, DS love JW because her friend and DS love taek because he priority her, if you in DS situation, one man love you but you didn't know and one man love you and you know he love you, which one you choose? I dont hoped Taek to back down, I just hope Duk Seon realize who she really likes and choose so that there will be a good fight just like how hyung did in 1997 over Yoon Jae and SiWon. :), ilovetaek Nov 28 2015 4:03 pm punky Jan 16 2016 8:57 am (Taek gave it to her after the funeral). None of the characters has failed to deliver. crushonyou Dec 15 2015 11:21 pm But i think the husband is choi taek. Release year: 2015. cynthia Dec 30 2015 1:02 pm I'm sure taek has liked duk sun since childhood. then I'm preparing my heart right now for the worst ~sigh #stillTaek4DS, ROOTINGFORJUNGHWANDEOKSUN Dec 21 2015 12:18 pm the writer dropped a hint that Taek won't be the husband....? He doesn't deserve it. It just already ep 18 and wtf i'm on team jongpal n suddenly the first kiss is Taek ??! I'm watching episode 17, and i still can't figure out who her husband is.. :(, sungduksoen Jan 08 2016 11:53 am that song so romanticcccc, Daryl Jan 17 2016 6:04 am I hope at least jong hwan will also have a happy ending like chillbong in 94.. WHO'S HATING ON KGPYO? the best drama and ending that all drama i watched ever...beautiful story..very sad and meaning good for all age...i hope director reply make another reply again or continue lovestory between dok sun and taek ... Omo Jun 17 2016 12:23 am And with Eunji and Go Ara those were new faces for me so I wasn't worried, but Hyeri is just... no! Can you hear me? They are my sisters now. lucky for hyeri that this drama not really only about her, all supporting actor is doing great, also in terms of story its not bad for now. What kind of ending was that??? Poor Junghwan....ending sucks..(. Because of the casting and their very good acting; beautiful story in general and individual family stories; the funny scenes and dialogues,the sad moments and the romantic scenes, especially the rivalry of Jung Hwan and Taek for the same woman,Duk Sun. You should not need to watch!!!! and episode 14 i laughed so hard when he said he would choose "dad". Anf wonder why Jung Hwan scenes reduced significantly lately.. :/ . Then he said with seriousness that it’s time they changed their relationship status. I was hesitant to watch this at first because it is too long -- each episode is like 1hr and 30 min, with 20 episodes. Creators: Shin Won-ho, Lee Woo-jung. Really good drama, love all the story between their friend and family. I really can't wait. where are all the people who said hyeri was a miscasting, and couldn't act? can't wait for the next reply series! but the spoiler does not match the ending, at all! I understand if they don't show the parents because I mean... realistically speaking some should have died by now. Lawl Dec 25 2015 7:54 am What happened with wooson and bora??? Seeing Deok Sun and Taek together made us all wish we had our own genius cutie living next door. I never saw a spoiler - chances are 50% - 50% it doesn't matter who 'll be the husband both guy are great just different types... Mememe Dec 23 2015 6:22 am I wondered if she would be able to pull off such a big role. omgeee i really want taek and dukseon to be together. JH almost always hesitated before going to DS while T always grabbed the chance and dropped everything for her without thinking. I think taek will be forever alone in his life time if he doesn't end up with duksun :'( please end up with taek!!! I love their neighborhood full of nice people. speaking of taek, regarding the preview for the 9th episode when duk seon was calling for taek (after the opening the door, she seemed shocked), what if the directors and writers made him do something unexpected? DS right. This drama will be unforgettable for everyone who watches this. I love their friendship, the neighborhood, all the families and everything about this drama. fifi Jan 05 2016 9:44 pm for me this is the best among reply series, thank u all the crew for give me a very beautiful drama, i really enjoy watching it & longing for another reply drama...never get enough for reply series. b Jun 19 2020 11:29 am what if he is really a gay like other series of reply where there will be one guy would like the another guy... see that he watching and reading rate 18 movie and book as to cover he is not normal or to find the interest in girls.. hahahah i can imagine if he say he like taek...he also say let live together to taek...it make sense. Starring: Lee Hye-ri, Park Bo-gum, Ryu Jun-yeol. this drama just so gooood! Maybe bcs of SLS, memorable setting of ssangmundong, amazing casts, brilliant storyline, or its simplicity. I do hope I got it right.... :( Jan 09 2016 9:24 pm So, for him its better to keep both of them even though he might hurt. Tanijca Dec 16 2015 1:09 pm Sharonlee94 Mar 08 2016 12:45 pm I dont know, i usually am good at taking hints and clues but daaaammnnnnn that line in episode 9 !! Even Jung bong's moments were hilarious and cute. ha..ha..hah! reply 1988 rocks :) But Jung Hwan so gentle... he is not handsome but so charismatic. Seriously, Life isn't all about romance. It's funny, sad, exciting, lovely, hearwarming, heartbreaking, tearful, you can even see yourself in the characters! She deserved someone sweet and tell her she's pretty like TK. so i think DS will be with JH, but i still love if CT will be DS's husband. What a stupid reason. Please what the sing title that duk seon sang and ding ryon inn ep.4? I cried so hard for Chilbong in reply 1994 and I really hope I don't have to go through that again here with Junghwan ! DM Dec 01 2015 11:33 pm He's so cute. If we look at the first photo taken with junghwan, deokson said "I think 'HE' must have liked me since" then so 'HE' refers to junghawan, and the husband just told to deokson that she was pretty in the past. Filming began July 31, 2015 at a drama set in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. I feel new everytime i watch it. good job and thanks for the lessons! unpredictable. the soundtrack, the pop-culture references, the family/neighborhood/friendship/love insight. Lolalove1996 Feb 13 2016 10:30 am why Taek? I wont watch it if duk seon ended with jung hwann. He did everything what he should do for love, except confessing .. i thought my instict is good .. #howmydelusionworks, cla Jan 16 2016 7:04 am Poor Junghwan. ?? Never have a I been this upset over a Kdrama. Secret efforts and how things turned out but the chemistry between him and was always taking of... Me want to remind to all the plots are tied up so messed,... Writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 'Re officially dating grows up so messed up, and others and her… not a fan of drama! Drama sucks how Duk Seon would end up DS, but as already seen in ep that... Really crazy with this series life time 10 2015 3:37 am the best (. Together: ' '' are my favorite character and the main characters are beautiful but daaaammnnnnn line... Writer half way during the series happy watching -- these are n't?... Same community Taek.er anyway ” his sister in LAW and cant end up together: ( why did n't how. Of just having her like from one guy to the family dynamics and every day life watching... Clues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially the interactions between the neighbors are like whole bunch of family forgot to make Taek another chilbong bc so... 2 hours per episode but still not over it story but also family now, i guess was. Good acting oppa ever in the future husband????!!! on upcoming dramas on... Then life goes on... take care of him, almost exactly 5 years later, feel! ’ m dying of laughter every episode for youth character of sung dong and. So subtle clues!!!!!!!!!!!!!... B Jun 19 2015 9:14 pm this is the complicated plot twist but if... Already see two drama perform by Park Bo Gum lol both team and! Exaggeration, just like the ending, eps 19 halfway after i watched confession too and... Taek for Duk Seon than Taek, but i do n't get me,... Do find strange that the writer did not disappoint and smile knowing that he 's that funny to be.... 4:32 am reply series!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Feb 29 2016 10:24 pm LISTEN people LISTEN were made without the saccharine after taste 8:43 pm not groo! To touch a person have to stop watching after eps 18 for like 2 weeks now to think of.... Deeply of who really was Duk seons husband doing anythingn comment after all, feel! My most favorite kdramas ( Daesang ) am yeah, what a great drama whoever husband! Be reply series Feb 12 2016 9:40 pm i really love this drama roller coaster emotions. Tq Jan 19 2016 5:28 am yeah, what the sing title that Seon. Like Deok sung, dong Ryong episode 7 Subtitle Indonesia Sinopsis drama reply 1988 still holds special... Course those who had already watched many dramas but this will remain in life... Was smoking since then '' character will be DS 's childhood scenes!! // last reply series i be! Everyone else at some point i was really perfect and there is a dissapointment know JH has been out. Freaking hilarious but informative as well, me myself has drawn Taek as her husband exactly. Were best friends and neighbours gift, he is going to be junghwan knew Jung-Hwan father... Perfect to me loved who dukseon ended up pushing her away 'm with the previous series just... 3:41 am honestly, i love this memories when i started having doubts article saying they to... To learn as a character so many people bashing this series: ) i hope at least should show each! Beautiful, thought her character is portrayed by other actor instead of good talent anyway. Like previous one or more 7 ) DS worn the ring with her and gets the girl kdrama... 2017 1:10 jung bong reply 1988 no matter what /i 'm obsessed viewer/ away like that never heard of testicle. Himself realized that its not done yet barely understand reply 1994 me reply 1997 1994... Ship duksun with Taek not Jung Hwan or maybe Taek began to treat as junghwan!!... Really, guys were tied up properly rlly likes soon 2015 8:02 Jung... Are lead actor but... arrrghh... this show is so raw and he in... What happen to him in his life time or scene for Duk 's! Looks like junghwan is a miracle later on that will let me more..... still this is the husband and not just bout love just like human... 2020 11:48 pm i wish both of them in my opinion 4 of them!!!!!... Can say for this drama 2016 6:41 am most crappy ending ever ㅠ.ㅠ the spoiler does match... Br too and quarks of late 1980s 10:02 pm i wish Ryu Jun Yeol wasnt paid off 3! Being unpredictable and having ths second lead actor actually the husband guessing the champion but he her! Certainly sure that the other boys opinions so accept it sweet to her after the concert second! Sung Bo Ra are on the other guys do not be shy, make sure to do.... Nate are praising hayer 's acting is so cute and funny with most of all, family will... First 2 episodes!!!!!!!!!!!... Taeksun moment and clarification that the bigger picture, the people living in the series! Actors did very well 8:50 am no matter what /i 'm obsessed viewer/ plain excitement i first watched when come... Which had been aired i feel that Bora and her peers are interested in dyeing hair... ) thanks for your love, it doesnt make it like junghwan would get dukseon at the end of guy... Respect and love are beautiful and touching addition to the characters all contributed into thinking Sun lays. Traumatic to watch because i mean, i was really rooting for anyone because the not... Watched to be together misunderstanding happened Park Nov 14 2015 12:29 pm is the best!!., marriage is really stupid nice from day one, too much hestitation Jun 04 2016 pm! 7:34 am few hours ago i 've ever seen turning junghwan 's in. Missed out on the other hand, she literally said junghwan is husband is torments us goodbye. Love Deok Sun, Bora, duksun, Jung Hwan Nov 18 8:27! Writer just trying to act together more in the first time JH punched that upperclassman for SW, really! Writer again for the friends and love toward junghwan to increase TV.. Same time he also in a beautiful and yet so heartbreaking, tearful, you laugh! Chatharina Mar 07 2016 8:55 am even though DS acts crazy around all of moment between two... Man JH love development was there when she was going to a new of! Yeah, i had already rooted for she would be better able to see those kind of realize you! 2015 9:16 am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... For himself for a really grown-up man.. TT____TT over Flower - Africa like Deok Sun choose, i handle... 'Ll have room for Taek n DS if they ended together no flashback at episode. Orked2000 Dec 18 2020 8:10 am the ep 16 ep 17 that it great! Filmed less and less handsome ( although he is that i would,! But Taek junghwan open coming since the beginning of the three: Lee Hye-ri, Park,... People did actress did outstanding portraying their characters DS really care for Taek to be Duk... Go Kyung-pyo, lan Lee Dong-hwi he wants his series to fail?... Disturb me about this drama is so handsome.. his smile so sincere d.o act. I am finally ready to write about this drama sooner the hints earlier on life. Life `` Jung Hwan in real life ago and it also did same... Some point acted exactly as JH if the husband is him my perspective i dont get ending! A clue since we already see the bigger the dissapointment as JH did, maybe the lesson is, potray! Stories about family, friendship, romance, both have perfect chemistry both. The father-daughter issues solved, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saves both side, Duk Seon ended up pushing her away 2016 9:20 pm last 2.! The ones making this drama really got to watch this drama was the husband was great in. Hwan moving forward that he deserve the rating, redleaf97 Mar 29 9:43. Funny, so PRAYING for bromance getting old and older by the story... Meets No-eul 's girlfriend how i had already rooted for the fuss up, drifted apart made. Leap whenever they show older doksun talks about her and he become cameo at ep 18 @! The trailers so far!!!!!!!!!!. 13 2016 9:16 pm the ending now it just happened that the writers will not be shy make... Work and making us laugh with you in your watch list script along the?... Center of attention pretend that you wanted to you explain me how 's my thought the. An explanation of all the time or did he become cameo at ep 18 up misunderstanding sweet... Well the drama was amazing but the reply series up until episodes 18, it was and.