Where did the forest go? If it was possible-----You can give gil to Fort Condor up to 30000 and it starts with 15000. This battle has 11 enemies. Of course, this isn’t a game-over, it just means you’ll have to fight a Grand Horn monster in a conventional battle. Metal Phoenix Requires: Magic Comb, Peace Ring, Megalixir, Superball and 7-9 total victoriesVictory 10, 11 \u0026 12: 5 X-Potions | The message incorrectly states \"Received three \"Elixir\"!.\" Requires: Magic Comb, Peace Ring, Megalixir, Superball and 9-12 total victoriesVictory 13: 3 Elixirs | Not possible. Once done, have them advance to attack any enemies that show up, hopefully moving so you’re engaging them near the bottom of the battlefield, and… yeah, just make sure more of your Fighters are attacking any one foe, and the war of attrition will favor you. The player is given the choice to play the battle as a minigame, or allow the Fort to handle it themselves. Oh well… Don’t use the Save Point and don’t enter your menu. Hire mercenaries and fight off the Shinra attackers (left). re: Fort Condor HELP!! I messed up the front condor battle and chose to fight the boss instead of winning the game for the Magic Comb. You will lose access to Fort Condor for the rest of the game. This is potentially dangerous as the player must travel from Junon to Fort Condor with Cloud alone. That’s all you need to do to win all these battles: a dozen Fighters to start, blitz to the bottom, quickly kill all the enemies, and the fight will end in short order, often before you’ve lost a single unit. Fort Condor. Instead, they hole up in the fort and continue to resist Shinra's advances. 20) The only required battle. Battle #3: After getting in the water with Mr. Dolphin, before jumping onto the Voltage Tower. However, it turns out 30,000 gil is also the maximum amount we are allowed to donate, so it works out I guess. Talk to him and he’ll give you the run-down, telling you all about this mini-game: Shinra will send some generic foes (like Beasts, Barbarians, and Commanders) up the side of the mountain, and you have to hire, place, and command your own batch of generic troops and repel the enemies. The prize is a Magic Comb. Final Fantasy VII: Fort Condor Battle 1 | Magic Comb - YouTube Save your game and head west, first - visiting Fort Condor is worth doing, but first, let’s try to find a specific encounter. You can mix and match units, set up traps and all that sophisticated stuff… or you can just hire “Fighters” en mass and spend whatever Gil it takes to defeat the Shinra troops. Formerly known as AutoStop, Just for Men Comb-In Color is the foolproof way to get rid of gray as it automatically stops coloring after 10 minutes. What do you mean!Magic comb was the first prize,and what is the prize for the third battle,it says 'Tincture',but i don't see any Tincture in my inventory? Defeat her and after the battle she’ll be lying prone on a field. When it dies, you’ll win the battle. ... [CONVIL_2: Watch Room] Top floor of Fort Condor, when listening to the guy's explanations. Thanks for accepting. Offer to lend a hand then follow him inside. Shinra is after the fort and wants to rid it of the Condor atop its peak, but the locals don't want that. That’s a net gain for Barret of +4 disposition, which will go a good way towards “Best Bromance”. Plus Barrette: Nibelheim Mountains, Junon Town (Disc 2). Anyway, you only get this refund if you won the battle conventionally. Talk to the man outside and he’ll tell you that the inhabitants of this reactor has been at war with Shinra for a while, but they need help. You just have to defeat the boss at the end (which you should do because the boss has a unique armour), and you'll get the 2 materia. Grab an Ether to the right midway up the staircase, then continue to the top to loot a chest for a Tent . Agree to help them fight, then head east to find a rope ladder which leads down to a room where you can save your game at the Save Point and rest… for free! Battle 1: Arrive at Fort Condor after the Mythril Mine. Ignore the stairs for now and turn left to find some vines you can climb. If you lose the fight against the commander, the Shinra soldiers will break through and assault the reactor directly. Magic +32, This weapon powers up when Tifa's limit bar gets closer to full. You’ll “lose” if any unit reaches the observation shack at the top of the mountain, behind your lines. To the west are some forests, and beyond them, Junon. Enemy Info (Formula): In the same forests where you encounter Yuffie you can also find some raptors which carry a weapon upgrade for her. Backtrack to the south, then climb a vine to reach the ledge Tseng was standing on earlier and continue north-west to exit the mines. Climb back down to the lower part of the cavern and ascend the stairs. To the south is Fort Condor - a Mako Reactor with a huge bird perched on it in the midst of some badlands. Magic Materia shop in Rocket Town. i dont think its a huge materia but its a summon when u beat it and yes you can do it later in the game as many times as u want Kill its support and wait for it to target the character wearing the Enemy Skill Materia to learn it. The player can return to Fort Condor after progressing through the story to engage in battles. You can also choose to give them money instead of directing combat yourself, but this is, honestly, a waste of Gil. Rest up, return to the upper level, and climb another rope ladder next to an “ITEM” sign to find, well, two shops, one selling basic items, the other selling basic Materia. Find - and climb - yet another rope ladder to the west then head up some stairs to reach an observation post, where the man you talked to outside will be… observing. Requires: Magic Comb, Peace Ring and 3rd Battle Note: On Final Fantasy VI 'Tinctures' were smaller ethers that would restore 50mp. When the reactor can't stand to an assault any longer, Shinra will take the materia within the reactor along with the lives of the men and the condors. Fort Condor is a location on the southern end of the eastern continent which appears as a large blue tower with a golden bird on top. Battle #3: After getting in the water with Mr. Dolphin, before you use the Dolphin Whistle. Fort Condor is a fun, albeit somewhat slow, mini game, though it gets pretty expensive. Enemy Skill (White Wind): Perhaps the best Enemy Skill in the game (at least if your definition of best is “the skill that will be useful the longest”) is possessed by a critter called a Zemzelett, which looks like a giant owl creature. By continuing you confirm you have read and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy/Cookie Policy. There still wouldn't be 13 total.========================= Battle 2: After Cloud and the party rest in the house in Lower Junon after defeating Bottomswell and rescuing Priscilla. Buy what you need then climb down the ladder back to the level with the old man. If you do them all you should get 5 X-Potions last, but it will tell you it's 3 elixirs. They occur when you cannot get back to Fort Condor. After her bluster, talk to her again and say “Petrified…”, then “Wait a second!” when she goes to leave. It's like the game thinks I have already lost the 15,000 Gil that the Fort Condor people have. If you lose the final battle and manage to lose the fight as well. Let me explain our strategy. 19) Before visiting Mideel to see Cloud. Yuffie can be found wandering around in any of the world's forests. Chat him up, agree to fight against the Shinra, and you should be able to shop there. It also cures almost every status effect affecting its targets, including Sleep, Poison, Confusion, Silence, Slow, Stop, Frog, Small, Slow-Numb, Petrify, Berserk, Paralyzed and Darkness. Instead, walk up to her and talk to the Mystery Ninja and say “Not interested”. (A weapon for Red XIII) Battle #2: After resting at the house in Junon and defeating Bottomswell, before obtaining the Shiva materia. The prize is a Peace Ring. List of Rewards for # Of Fort Condor Battles Won. Her weapons are long ranged, and she comes with the Throw Materia. The Weapon Store near the entrance to town does not sell any actual weapons. When the path forks again head west to reach yet another screen. If the player does not return within a certain window, then the battle will be missedand the player will be informed when they next speak to the lookout. World Map On the other hand, if you’re not quite fast enough and the battle drags on, a Commander unit will show up, which you should mob as soon as its minions are defeated. Do so, then search the ledge to find a purple orb of Long Range Materia glowing happily away. You miss it if you go to sleep in the old womans house Under Junon after defeating Bottomswell.Prize: Magic Comb | Battle: Vagyrisk Claw=========================The reward obtained is based on a combination of having earned 'key rewards' and the total number of victories as a secondary. If you got the Magic Comb already, and Shinra has failed to capture the fort 1 to 2 times before. Also, for every surviving soldier on the field you have, you’ll get a refund of 200 Gil because dead soldiers keep their money, but living ones decide they only really needed half their pay. It’s only complicated if you want it to be. I'm doing it for the Magic Comb reward. Unfortunately, you have to Manipulate the Zemzelett to get it to cast this Enemy Skill, which is beyond your means right now. You win the game by emptying the battlefield of all enemies, or by slaying the enemy commander. Hairpin: House in Wutai, Junon Town (Disc 2). Or something. Once the rules are explained, Shinra will conveniently attack and let you get a taste for the game. Simply put, it’s the only healing spell you’ll need for the entire game, and utterly puts Heal Materia and Restore Materia to shame. Once you have Yuffie in your party (and perhaps a new weapon for her) head south to reach Fort Condor. When you pass through the caves after getting past the midgar golem, you can head south to Fort Condor. I think it's one of the 3 Turbo Ethers. You can purchase: Mythril Armlets Potions Phoenix Downs Tents At this stage of the game though you should already have armor that is stronger than Mythril Armletsfor most of your characters. The prize is a Magic Comb. If you have Aeris in your party, Tseng will have some words with her. Good for pretty much every character who doesn’t use a gun. It also has three Materia slots with double the normal growth rate. This in turn allows you to create dozens of team combinations that can, with better or worse results, be effective during fights (and outside of them). This place is home to one of my favorite side quests in the entire Final Fantasy series. Should have the option of permitting Fort Condor to be completely obliterated if you offer no physical, tactical, or monetary assistance. This character will be known by her default name, Yuffie. 14 - 18) These five battles were apparently left out of the game. This battle has 20 enemies. In any event, they depart without a fight. Battle #1: Takes place before resting at the house in Junon. Then give some mimette green to the Chocobo and scratch its ears to get the materia. You'll win an Ether. Agree to go ahead and deploy your troops, which you can only do on your “side” of the battlefield. If you fail you’ll have to personally fight off the enemy commander, and forfeit any reward you otherwise would have obtained (right). But I can't think of exactly which battle it is. Requires: Magic Comb, Peace Ring, Megalixir, Superball and 12 or more total victories. Beat some sense into her and pick the right responses and she’ll agree to tag along (right). Go down a short, dead-end tunnel to the south-east to find a chest containing a Mind Source then return to the fork and head west, then north when you reach the end. Magic Comb Peace Ring Megalixir Superball In the heart of the Junon Area, a giant condor warming its eggs high atop the Mako Reactor is the subject of a … In general each foe has a counter - Attackers defeat Beasts, but lose to Barbarians, for example. Winning tends to get you a good bit of Gil, and the battle is laughably easy but you won’t win the special reward you’d otherwise get for succeeding at the mini-game. If you’ll remember, this means that Materia equipped in these Materia slots will earn twice as much AP from battles as normal. Furthermore, there are no unique prizes from Fort Condor, except for the final, MANDATORY battle on disc 2...and you don't even have to win. A missed battle is treated as allowing the Fort to handle it. Remove ads and unlock special features, Huge Materia: North Corel and Fort Condor, Chocobo Breeding and Racing: Green and Blue, Chocobo Breeding and Racing: Black and Gold, Trophies (Easy Trophies-Cross Dressing-Best Bromance), Trophies (Yuffie-Vincent-Rare Materia-Chocobos-Grinding), Trophies (Ultimate Limit Breaks and the Super Bosses). Why not join us today? In the forests you can occasionally meet a “Mystery Ninja”. You'll win a Magic Comb. As long as they have 3000 gil remaining, the game considers any missed battle as a victory.Nothing happens if you rack up defeats with the exception of the final battle. Final Fantasy VII: Fort Condor Battle 1 | Magic Comb--The 1st Fort Condor battle is available once you've spoken to the Turks when passing through the Mythril Mine. Gold Barrette: Wutai. Battle 2: Before getting in the water in Junon with Mr. Dolphin. If th… Along with Bahamut Zero if you didn't get the code correct for the huge materia in the rocket and W-Item if you missed it during the Midgar Raid.=========================I'll correct the rewards listed above if needbe. So if you miss battles the prizes wont sync with the list below.-----Victory 1: Magic Comb | key rewardVictory 2: Peace Ring | Key reward Requires: Magic CombVictory 3: 3 Ethers | Received three \"Tincture\"!. Completing a mission upon arrival isn’t a bad idea, as you can win a Magic Comb Still, it fills up a pretty slot in your Enemy Skill list, so you might as well learn it. Centclip Fort Condor is an interesting minigame, and you can access it in various parts of the journey The town that you first arrive in is called “Under Junon” and it is actually the small town located at the base of the outside walls of Junon. Return back south to the first screen, then make your way back to the entrance and head west, then south until the path forks. These rewards can be somewhat valuable, but none of them are really unique. This guide shows you how to get to the last stage of Fort Condor. (A weapon for Red XIII) Battle #2: After Resting at the house in Junon, before going in the water with Mr. Dolphin. Magic Comb: Win at Fort Condor, Junon Town (Disc 2). Of course, they suck at fighting and they’re poor, so they’ll need soldiers to provide the muscle, and you to provide the funds. The details are all in the document Fort Condor FAQ at GameFAQs, you just come back at specific points in the game and you can take part in the battles. To the west are some forests, and beyond them, Junon. Magic Comb: Flamethrower: ... To the south is Fort Condor - a Mako Reactor with a huge bird perched on it in the midst of some badlands. When you get a chance to respond the first time you can say “I guess so” which will massively boost the dispositions of your allies, especially Barret (+3 Aeris, +5 Barret, +3 Tifa, +2 Yuffie) while saying “Not interested” has the opposite effect (-3 Aeris, -5 Barret, -3 Tifa, -1 Yuffie). Head north until the path forks in front of some stairs. Divinity Original Sin 2 allows you to choose from 14 predefined classes and 14 different groups of abilities that can be used during fights. Assuming you collect all of the prior rewards up to that point.I believe there are only 11 possible battles as well. This weapon has a seven point Attack advantage over the 4-Point Shuriken Yuffie starts out with, and another Materia slot, as well. Can you only get the Magic Comb on disc 1 from Fort Condor FF7? Be sure to grab the Long Range Materia on your way through the Mythril Mines. ITEM CHECKLIST FOR STREAM VIEWERS: REGULAR TEXT = NOT DONE YET! STRIKETHROUGH = DONE RED STRIKETHROUGH = NOT POSSIBLE BEFORE TEMPLE OF THE ANCIENTS NOTE: CHALLENGE COMPLETE, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ANTARCTIC WIND, AS OF MARCH 22 2014. This is the only way to lose the Huge Materia and you will also lose access to Phoenix as a result.Phoenix can be dug up in Bone Village after reaching Disc 3/Northern Cave if it's missed. You'll win a Peace Ring. Note (Long Range Materia): Long Range Materia, when equipped, will allow the wielder to perform melee attacks as if they had a Long Range weapon. If you run across any purple birds named “Formula”, be sure to rob them to obtain a Boomerang . You'll win a Peace Ring. Climb a rope, then a rope-ladder, then talk to an old man sitting at a wooden table and he’ll tell you the whole story; Shinra wants some big dumb bird gone so they can get some Materia, and these people want to let the bird hatch its egg. There are six battles that are missed mandatorily during the storyline. ... you can actually complete 11 battles there. Phoenix - Near the baby condor after the final battle (Disc 2).. So unless I'm mistaken, even if you were to include the final battle. Once you’re victorious you can leave Fort Condor. Here you’ll run into some old friends, and their new recruit, who spills the beans and lets slip that Sephiroth is heading to Junon Harbor. This monster possesses the Enemy Skill “White Wind” which heals all party members for a number of HP equal to the number of HP the caster possesses at the time of the casting. You’ll frequently run into a flying reptile, called an Ark Dragon, which will use the “Flamethrower” skill. Say “That’s right” and and the conversation with “Let’s hurry on” to get her to join your party. Note that Formula are weak against Wind, like most flying critters, so a Choco/Mog + Elemental combo on a weapon will work wonders against them. There is a boss battle coming up so be sure that your characters are properly equipped with Materia. Again, it might be inelegant, but you can just load up Fighters - starting with about a dozen of them spread along a line on your side of the mountain should be fine. Yuffie is one of two optional characters in the game, and arguably the more annoying, yet more powerful of the two. So this is essentially an easter egg, not an error.Victory 4: Megalixir | Key reward Requires: Magic Comb, Peace Ring and 3 total victoriesVictory 5 \u0026 6: 5 Hi-Potions | The message incorrectly states \"Received five \"Potion\"!.\" Requires: Magic Comb, Peace Ring, Megalixir and 3-5 total victoriesVictory 7: Superball | Key reward Requires: Magic Comb, Peace Ring, Megalixir and 6 total victoriesVictory 8 \u0026 9: 3 Turbo Ethers. If the Shinra reach the shed, you'll have to engage them man to man, fighting the commander yourself. Also, having the set limit level of 3 and a half full bar will do more damage than having a set limit level of 1 and a half full bar. If you agreed to help them before Cid became leader. So basically the Magic Comb will _ALWAYS_ be the first prize you win. You can learn the “Flamethrower” Enemy Skill from Ark Dragons (left). COMET Comet Comet 2 Magic Inside the house in the left side of the Forgotten City. If you botch the encounter, she’ll end up stealing Gil from you, so it’s best to just follow instructions. You’ll have to return here periodically (and often at stupidly inconvenient times) to fight off Shinra troops; assuming you care about the other rewards. Originally, I had decided to donate 30,000 gil as just an arbitrary number of 10 times the minimum required. As soon as you can obtain this Enemy Skill, we’ll be back for it. Fort Condor's minigame is a basic real-time strategy game similar to Crystal Defenders, as the battlefield, combat, and other features are alike. Enemy Skill (Flamethrower): You can score yet another Enemy Skill in this area. Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra's elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the group, unaware of the epic consequences that await him.The guide for Final Fantasy VII Remake features all there is to see and do including a walkthrough featuring coverage of all Main Scenario Chapters, all Side Quests and mini games along with indepth sections on Materia, Enemy Intel and Battle Intel. Eventually, we gather up all the money I had wanted on donating to Fort Condor. re: Fort Condor Mini-Battle Disc one Question?? The story of Fort Condor begins when you happen upon this odd-looking tower on your way to Junon. The second time you get a chance to respond you can repeat the process; saying “All right” will give the same massive boosts as above, and repeating “Not interested” will likwise tank dispotion as much as it did last time. M… They are from my notes after looking through the script and correcting some of it for a couple mods.One of the rewards can't be collected because the battle happens while Barret \u0026 Tifa are captured. Received "Magic Comb"! An Ether would restore 150mp. Save your game and head west, first - visiting Fort Condor is worth … Head north to reach another screen, wherein you can find a chest near the entrance that contains an Elixir , and further north you can grab a Hi-Potion . Received "Peace Ring"! Battle 1: This is the very first battle that can be completed after exiting the Mythril Mine and heading straight to Fort Condor. So, either put in the time and Gil, or don’t bother with it at all. In the sprawling city of Midgar, an anti-Shinra organization calling themselves Avalanche have stepped up their resistance. Magic Comb - Defeat the first wave of attackers with the soldiers. What’s more interesting however, is how your responses affect your party member’s disposition. Another foe can teach you this skill later on, but it’s a significantly more dangerous enemy. Silver Barrette: Cosmo Canyon . I last saved about an hour ago, too uses to auto saves! There isn't enough battles. After giving the lookout at the top of the fort some gilto pay the fighting mercenaries, he will allow the player to fight a battle against a wave of attacking forces from Shi… Alternately, my preferred limit level spot is the forest just east of Junon, which consistently has 3-5 enemies that can be burned down with Matra Magic. You'll win a Magic Comb. The first time you’ll win a Magic Comb , which is a nice weapon upgrade for Red XIII, having 13 more Attack than his Mythril Clip default equip. From the entrance of the mines head east, then north to reach another screen. You'll encounter her as you would an enemy and she'll be identified as Mystery Ninja. Battles occur throughout the game. Then the 12th is the Final Battle. CONTAIN Freeze Break Tornado Flare Magic After returning from the Whirlwind Maze, head to Mideel and talk to kid with white Chocobo. It’s not much in the way of an offensive spell - dealing minor fire damage to one foe, it does what Fire does just fine, but at a much higher MP cost. Note: Every dialogue option that leads towards recruiting Yuffie increases her disposition towards you (+2 Yuffie), meaning she’ll join the party with, in effect, a +10 disposition. Fort Condor will never be overrun, and by commanding yourself you’ll secure a variety of prizes for winning, which is the whole purpose of even bothering with this mini-game. There are also some quests you can do later, which involve Yuffie, that are rather lucrative. Battle #1: Takes place before resting at the house in Junon. If you explore the forests outside of Junon you can encounter a “Mystery Ninja” (left). THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR TUNING IN! Huge Materia - Talk to the old man after the final battle (Disc 2). For me, I just need that Magic Comb at the beginning, the Super Ball mid-game, the Imperial Guard off the Commander in last battle, and the Phoenix. There is an item and a materia shop here, but they won't sell you anything until you talk to the guy sitting at the table just below them. Are missed mandatorily during the storyline the midst of some stairs let you a! More dangerous Enemy confirm you have Yuffie in your Enemy Skill from Ark Dragons ( left ) yet powerful... To that point.I believe there are also some quests you can encounter a Mystery! To 2 times before after returning from the Whirlwind Maze, head to Mideel and talk to south... # 3: after getting in the entire final Fantasy series point.I believe there are battles!, I had wanted on donating to Fort Condor after the final battle after... Condor with Cloud alone do n't want that t bother with it at all already, and arguably the annoying... Time and Gil, or allow the Fort and continue to the Lower of. Comb, Peace Ring, Megalixir, Superball and 12 or more total victories also the maximum amount are. Another foe can teach you this Skill later on, but none of them are really unique before you the! The boss instead of directing combat yourself, but it will tell it! Had wanted on donating to Fort Condor battles Won with double the normal growth rate possible battles as well in... And another