We have gained a reputation as a market leader in the corporate training sector by providing both public and onsite skills development programmes to some of South Africa’s largest organisations. On completion of the course/s you will: Receive branded certificates confirming that you have completed the SA Specialist: Essentials course and the SA Specialist: Experiences course; Be able to use the name ‘SA Specialist’ or ‘South African Travel expert’, and market yourself as a specialist on South Africa Our training is aimed at a number of degrees of specialisation that includes customer-specific training; institutionalised training; and eLearning. NobleProg -- Your Local Training Provider Animal Production. All workshop guidebooks and exercise books will be provided on attendance of the course by your registered PASA trainer. TSU Training Solutions is supported by the respected infrastructure and network already implemented by TSU Protection Services, the market leader in executive protection in South Africa. The basic course will focus on Sniper marksmanship, as the overall result is still measured in putting a bullet on the intended point of aim, regardless of the conditions of the shooter. Shooting Academy Potential sniper trainees must be medically and mentally fit and have 20/20 vision. With our training based on the same methodologies as globally performed by Police, Military and Specialised Security Forces, we offer an unmatched level of experience and expertise. Land reconnaissance, camouflage and observation are all knowledge a sniper must have in order to be successful. Skills include: Mobile crane perator is responsible for the safety of the crane operation as soon as the load is lifted clear of the ground. Email: info@tesi.co.za, Contact: +27 63 292 4868 We will therefore verify each participant’s bona fide’s as we do not want to teach people who intent to use the knowledge and expertise for evil purposes. Welcome to Skipper Training SA. The DSI sniper training programme is specially designed to meet the needs of clients in Africa and the Middle East. Through the individual course pages, you can sign into our scheduled programs, or request a customised course to be delivered on-site, or in one of our regional Training Centres. which is as applicable to the hunter as to the sniper task with a hostage situation. The 19 … Learners must pass the entrance qualification shoot to be accepted for the sniper training programme. Courses . Esri South Africa is your centre for lifelong learning and professional development. Comprehensive Courses whatever you need, we have! The Edge offers state of the arm Firearm training courses and training for absolute beginner firearm enthusiast to advanced marksman. The advanced course focuses on the field craft and tactical aspects. Potential sniper trainees must be medically and mentally fit and have 20/20 vision. All our Instructors have worked in the Super Yacht Industry for many years and we therefore provide the most