They are my favorite lockring when they not to be seen. Front cover is made of quality acrylic glass. - Includes Two Laing D5 pumps - G1/4" Thread - Dimensions: 149 x 100 x 85.6mm - Removable Brushed Aluminium Faceplate - Aluminium Handcuff Bracket - High Quality Acrylic - Brass screw threads with anti-vibration mounts - 2x 5mm LED holes - Individually pressure tested. It has 8 ports with 6 inlets and 2 outlets. 1. 1 loop with 1 pump with 1 shared reservoir (both reservoirs connected) The resultant volume of water is not very large, and like all bay reservoirs much of the water is below the pump inlet making it useless for filling the loop. This is review of the XSPC D5 Dual Bay Reservoir Combo.This is another “Durable” option in the bay reservoir pump craze. For mounting two vacant 5.25” drive bays are required. 300ml reservoir and D5 pump combo unit with a software-controlled 16.8 million colors LED cap. Both front and top fill ports are available for each reservoir. RoHS Compliant. Maelstrom V2 Dual Bay Reservoir w/ MCPX50 Pump. Almost everything Koolance does is shipped in large amounts of foam, and this is no exception. So this unit fits into two 5 1/4″ bays usually used for an optical drive or the like. For both configurations all required material is included. The ports are closed with stop fittings and the reservoir chamber is not connected to pump one’s reservoir chamber. After all if both pumps had their inputs tied to the reservoir, then one pump would have it’s input and output connected to the reservoir and would be of little help. EK … Reservoirs. 3.6 out of 5 stars 25 ratings | 7 answered questions Currently unavailable. Thermaltake Pacific DIY LCS PR22-D5 w/mod kit 5-Speed Adjustable D5 Pump/Reservoir Combo 3-Port G 1/4" Thread Tt LCS Certified POM PMMA CL-W083-PL00BL-A Type: Reservoir + Pump Reservoir Dim. Shop a wide selection of PC water cooling pumps and pump accessories for liquid cooled PCs. 2. XSPC D5 Dual Bay Reservoir/Pump Combo V2 Brand: XSPC. DDC Photon Combo. Conclusion6. ... Alphacool Eisdecke DDC/D5 single reservoir for Alphacool Eisdecke top Manufacturer: Alphacool. X2O 200 Single 5.25″ Bay Reservoir Pump . The cast nylon is machined into the chamber for the coolant, and is sealed with a plate and o-ring at the top. In addition it can be used to mount 1-2 D5 pumps. If running two loops then that is the only step to do. Supports One D5 Pump G1/4″ […] Koolance RP-452×2 (Rev2.0) Dual D5 Pump Dual Bay Reservoir Combo – BC2 – BF3 – BF4 – DIII – Maxwell vs Hawai Zitieren […], […] Koolance RP-452×2 (Rev2.0) Dual D5 Pump Dual Bay Reservoir Combo […]. Submit a review: $9.99: XSPC Twin D5 Dual 5.25" Bay Clear Reservoir - Dual Laing D5 / MCP655 EK-Quantum Inertia D5 Body D-RGB - Acetal. To do this we must remove the faceplate cover and window: Customer reviews. D5 Dual Bay Reservoir. The D5 Tank reservoir is a compact reservoir for the powerful and reliable D5 pump. Using only ultra strong cast acrylic, extra-thick reservoir walls, CNC polishing, unibody heat sinks and zero acrylic screw threads, the Optimus D5 Reservoir is the highest quality and … As mentioned the main reason to buy this unit is in order to fit it with dual pumps. Alphacool Eisdecke D5 dual brass top - deep black € 123,01 * Al prodotto . Bykski D5 Pump / 120mm Aluminum Reservoir Combo w/ Armor - Blue (B-NWD5+CT120) $124.99. I have a dual D5 pump setup. Compact dual bay reservoir with two D5 pumps in series. EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 200 D5 Body D-RGB - Acetal. Pump / Reservoir Combos. 4. Great review! Preinstalled pump options are also available for those who want an easy setup. Mounting of the pump(s) can be done individually or in a dual configuration. So what does that mean? $43.00. It’s worth noting that these screws screw directly into the frame of the reservoir so any pump vibrations are directly coupled into the frame of the case. 1 loop with 2 pumps in series with 1 reservoir (only 1/2 reservoirs) In stock Good Stock 21 left. Then the faceplate can then be reattached. The reservoir supports both the Vario and PWM models of the D5. For both configurations all required material is included. D5 Acetal Top . The V3 model has a metal bracket, increased coolant capacity and it's now easier to bleed the air out of your system. Save money and time by buying a pump and reservoir combo unit. Optimum flexibility Featuring exceptional performance and unrivalled reliability, the PR22-D5 is manufactured from high quality POM and PMMA material to provide a crystal clear, high performance, durable solution. Mounting of the pump (s) can be done individually or in a dual configuration. In addition to that, it can also be used as a reservoir (or two) for these pumps. The Fillcap to G1/4" Adapter is suitable for XSPC Bay reservoirs, DDC Reservoir, X2O 150 Pump, X2o 200 Bay Reservoir Pump, X2O 400 Pump, X2O 750 Pump, X2O 750 Bay Reservoir Pump. 1 loop with 1 pump with 1 reservoir (default as supplied) Compatible With Bitspower’s Z and Z-Multi Series Water Tank. First off though one thing we don’t show but is important, is to mention just how good Koolance’s packing is. So what does that mean? 5. The Laing design is not optimized for flow at restrictions that are commonly seen in water cooling and so it’s suspected that performance would be improved with a more “cone” style volute that is used by EK, Alphacool and Koolance on their standalone D5 tops. Ion Pump/Reservoir. It has an integrated Reservoir, D5 Pump Top and comes included with a Protium D5 Pump Cover. Indeed the secondary pump has a blank to cover the volute. Add to Cart. Quick View. Photon Tube Reservoir. Fitting the pumps is easy – four screws secure each plate. Color: Transparent. USD$189.99 ... A 5.25" dual drive bay slot reservoir/pump combo with high-quality POM and PMMA design USD$179.99. EK-XTOP Dual D5 PWM Serial is a fourth generation high-performance aftermarket DUAL pump top (volute) for D5 type water pumps. EK-XTOP Revo Dual D5. The only choice then is whether to use the pumps for one loop and run the pumps in series, or whether to have two independent loops. There are also two versions even of this exact version because one uses the standard G 1/4 threaded ports for fittings, while the more expensive version uses the hard to find higher flow G 3/8 ports. Extreme Rigs would like to thank all sponsors: How to read a Pressure/Flow/Restriction Plot, AeroCool DS Silence Red and White Available from 11th December, ASUS lets you choose the color of GeForce GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II, Monsoon MMRS Reservoir/D5 Pump Top Combo Review. 2 loops with 2 pumps with 2 independent reservoirs. Aggiungi al carrello . Pacific PR22-D5 w/ Silent Kit Reservoir/Pump Combo 300ml reservoir and D5 pump with silent kit combo unit. The pump/reservoir combo itself is attractive and uses XSPC’s well known style. With different coolant colors in each reservoir and the included RGB and UV lighting, many colors and effects are possible. 1 loop with 2 pumps in series with 1 full reservoir This is the XSPC Dual Bay D5 Reservoir V2, which means it takes up two 5 1/4″ bays and can mount on D5 pump. These reservoirs are available for both D5 and DDC pumps setups. 2 loops with 2 pumps with 1 shared reservoir Thanks to the multiple 1/4″ threads the Alphacool Eisdecke is the universal companion for every pump. However for series additional steps must be taken: – fit the supplied u-bend as in the above picture A dual 5.25" bay reservoir is an easy to install option for PC Watercooling enthusiasts. It’s also the 2nd version which means it no longer suffers from the issue that caused a recall. We’ll be tackling the similarly named but very different “XSPC Dual D5 Dual Bay Reservoir” later. pump) is designed around anti-vibration rubber mounting system. Acrylic Dual 5.25” Reservoir for Laing D5. 2. The only reason to roll with option 2 is if you’re looking to future proof. Ion Reservoir. A great option for space saving, they mount in a single 5.25" bay slot. So are you confused yet? A 5.25" dual drive bay slot reservoir with high-quality POM design Pacific PR22-D5 w/ Silent Kit Reservoir/Pump Combo 300ml reservoir and D5 pump with silent kit combo unit Today we are looking at the Koolance RP-452×2 (Rev2.0) which is a a dual D5 pump dual bay reservoir combo. However before that, let’s strip the unit completely down to show the rest of the construction. The Laing lock rings while somewhat ugly and large are very easy to use and secure. 4.0 out of 5 stars. Dual Pump Performance5. The left chamber then gets its acrylic bleeding shield removed (same as the right chamber) and replaced with an acrylic piece which seals the reservoir from the inlet of the second pump as shown. For mounting two vacant 5.25” drive bays are required. Material: Aluminium, Acryl glass ... Watercool D5-DUAL TOP Industrial Line € 108,31 * Al prodotto . Mounting mechanism and easy to follow installation guide are included. The Optimus D5 Reservoir system is the new benchmark for PC liquid cooling reservoirs. Single Pump Performance4. Well the pictures should help explain what this thing is: XSPC’s boxes are either classy like this one or plain brown cardboard. Thank you! Either way it has a picture on the front which helps confirm that this is indeed what you wanted. TWD 10,540.00 ( Tax excl. ) Customers who viewed this item also viewed. EK-DBAY D5 PWM (incl. These are necessary to enable the larger array of possible configurations. Unique Adapter Design 3. Well the easiest way is to explain this is to unpack the box and show what it is. Get giftable tech Shop now. The Alphacool Repack – Dual Laing D5 – Dual 5.25” bay station is for designed installation in the front of an enclosure. I was rebuilding my loop and thought it was a bright idea to keep the D5 running while the reservoir was empty and dump water in. Well the easiest way is to explain this is to unpack the box and show what it … You’ll note there are some unusual accessories. 1 loop with 2 pumps with 1 shared reservoir (pumps in parallel (need a y connector which is not supplied – but then this is not a good configuration) Bear in mind these o-rings are slightly different to the Laing sized ones, so you do not want to reuse any o-ring that came with the D5 pump: ... Singularity Computers Protium D5 pump attachment - acrylic, transparent € 82,52 * Al prodotto . EK-XTOP Revo Dual D5 Serial. 4 out of 5. The pump volute itself is almost a carbon copy of the original Laing design. Awesome work! The Alphacool Repack – Dual Laing D5 – Dual 5.25” bay station is for designed installation in the front of an enclosure. 3. Introduction2. The D5 Reservoir Distribution Plate Small was initially designed to fit into the Caselabs S5 mount horizontally between the motherboard tray and the front panel. Many popular watercooling manufacturers like EK Water Blocks and XSPC offer a pre configured pump and reservoir combo unit that comes assembled at the factory making it ready to … If it’s included then XSPC are nice enough to attach it for you. Users need to have a D5 reservoir so that this water pump could function as per your requirements. – remove the stop fitting from underneath a metal plate on the base of the unit: – Then the last stage is to seal off the 2nd pump from the reservoir. Use this part if you want to combine your existing Bitspower pump top (D5 only, it won’t wortk for DDC top) with stand alone Z-multi tank.