The Counter-Dragon Squad attempts to push Hekatonkheir into the water, but their attempts are unsuccessful, as is Tear's attack with her dragon wings. Now he must forge relationships with the girls around him, including his long separated sister who attends the school as well, and work with them to investigate and eliminate the threat of the powerful Dragons. Also known as Unlimited Fafnir, the series is based off a light novel written by Tsukasa (he or she is too intense for last names) in 2013 and still continuing to this day. Dіkіrіm kе sekolah dі mana anak-anak “D” lаіnnуа berkumpul dі Midgar. 1 2 page 1 of 2 Next. Yuu uses the ability of anti-gravity, which he'd acquired from his battle against the Leviathan. مکمل. Juuou Mujin no Fafnir (2015– ) Plot. Yuu Mononobe (物部 悠) The main protagonist and the only male "D" in the world. Humans and dragons are connected by marks that are located anywhere on their body that give them their powers. "FLYING FAFNIR" by TRUSTRICK (Sayaka Kanda & Billy), #1: "Ray of bullet" by Iris Freyja (Rina Hidaka) & Mitsuki Mononobe (Manami Numakura) (ep1-11), #2: "Ray of bullet" by Iris Freyja (Rina Hidaka), Mitsuki Mononobe (Manami Numakura), Lisa Highwalker (Hisako Kanemoto), Ariella Lu (Sora Tokui), Ren Miyazawa (Fumiko Uchimura), and Tear Lightning (Ayane Sakura) (ep12), academy for ‘D’ girls. مکمل Dylan. اصلی Mitsuki Mononobe. Together, they must battle against the dragons and uncover the reason behind their sudden disappearance and reappearance. Embarrassed, she attacks him in self-defense, but the attack ends up getting backfired. Surprised by this, Kili decides to retreat after asking Yuu to show her that he is a greater man than Basilisk and kisses him on the cheek. اصلی . مکمل Firill Crest. Video jelentése. FACEBOOK; TWITTER; Finalizado. At the same time, Tear's dragon mark heats up, causing her to collapse in pain. He also tends to be brutally honest when he offers his opinion on something, believing that one will not learn from their mistakes otherwise. مکمل Loki Jotunh Sitemap. It is here where we have Mononobe Yuu, the only male D in the world, entering in a school created specifically to fight the dragons in the world. Rating 8. Megosztás. But Midgar stands out for much more than that: it's a school exclusive to a group of girls known as D's. Privacy Settings 11 Fav . مکمل. Juuou Mujin no Fafnir BD Subtitle Indonesia Batch, Download Juuou Mujin no Fafnir BD Subtitle Indonesia Batch mkv 720p, mkv 480p dan mp4 360p hanya di AnimeBatchs!, Download Juuou Mujin no Fafnir BD Subtitle Indonesia Batch Lengkap . When the Counter-Dragon Squad assembles, Yuu explains his plan, which involves using dark matter conversion in order to generate enough mithril to enable Mistilteinn to withstand the enhanced Catastrophe for its five-second duration. Later on, Tear declares her intention to marry Yuu and kisses him on the cheek as a sign of their engagement, sparking an argument between her and Iris, which is broken up by Mitsuki. Vào một ngày đẹp trời, cậu bất ngờ “được” hốt vô học tại trường nữ sinh Midgar – ngôi trường vốn chỉ dành cho những cô gái “D”. Furthermore, meeting his long lost sister Mitsuki, Yuu seems to have been enrolled into this school...! مکمل. اصلی. But Midgar stands out for much more than that: it's a school exclusive to a group of girls known as D's. In addition to terrorizing the world, dragons infect one person, (a girl, to be more precise), turning them into a person who can utilize dark matter, a material that can create whatever people think of known as a "D". An anime television series adaptation by Diomedéa aired from January 2015 to March 2015. Iris Freyja. A manga adaptation with art by Saburouta was serialized in Kodansha's seinen manga magazine good! Juuou Mujin no Fafnir In the "unlimited school battle action" story, the world was transformed by the sudden appearance of monsters known collectively as dragons. Each of them have extremely powerful abilities in generating dark matter and … But Midgar stands out for much more than that: it's a school exclusive to a group of girls known as D's. A boy named Yuu Mononobe is the world's only male "D," although his existence is kept secret. Now, Yuu must forge relationships with the other girls in the academy, which includes his adoptive sister, Mitsuki. Shlugo_the_great King of Burgers Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing . Following the conclusion of the battle, Yuu is called to the beach by Iris, who kisses him as a sign of her gratitude for everything he had done for her. Following Iris' failure at transmutation, Yuu has a chat with her, where she explains to him her reason for fighting against Dragons. However, just as they launch their attacks, Basilisk intercepts them, having somehow foreseen their actions, with the enhanced Catastrophe. اصلی Mitsuki Mononobe. This post will be continuously updated as more, Dec 15, 2014 9:50 AM by Snow | Discuss (168 comments), About Yuu, however, succeeds in intercepting Kili. Yuu protects Iris by defeating the soldiers and has her use her newfound power of explosion to bypass Leviathan's repulsive field and attack it directly, which however is not enough to defeat it. (I don’t know. Keberadaannya уаng rahasia, satu-satunya anak lelaki “D”, Mononobe Yuu. Juuou Mujin no Fafnir Juuou Mujin no Fafnir FullHD Vietsub Midgar, học viện toàn nữ, đáng chú ý chỉ vì hành động chấp nhận nam sinh đầu tiên và duy nhất của nó, Yuu Mononobe. FAQ Description. Against his wishes, he gets forcibly enrolled into the academy, where he accidentally stumbles upon a girl named Iris Freyja in a state of undress. Escolares Fantasía Harem Romance. After taking Tear to the infirmary, Yuu has a friendly conversation with Honoka and is contacted afterwards by Major Loki. Following the Dragon's demise, Lisa forgives Mitsuki as she promised. The plan is put into action the same night and, initially, Basilisk seems incapable of destroying the bomb with its Catastrophe.