Input Format. .mycolor {color: # FF0000; } Substring is part of the given string. Basically, it is much wider than the ordinary “substring” methods as using the extended slicing. Let's say, we have a string that contains the following sentence: The brown-eyed man drives a brown car. The find() method finds the first occurrence of the specified value. Traditional way to find out out a substring is by using a loop. As I mentioned in the above section, Python official website recommends using the find() method for getting the position of sub (substring/search term). You may actually get parts of data or slice for sequences; not only just strings. find, index and in are the method use to find the position or looking for substring or character from a string. -, how to color string of characters in Text tkinter python 3.6,, Project Catalyst - Build for Desktop and Mobile, How to Gather URLSession Connection Metrics, Allowed HTML tags:
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