A Glimpse of God

These booklets Kalaamokum Noor are but a ray of light from the sun of wisdom- a ray that makes a particle shine and reflect the entire sun. Any heart which is lit by these brilliant sayings will rise like sun and attain perfection by following the fourteen sinless personalities whose souls were created thousands of years prior to Adam (A.S) and Eve(A.S)
On the day of resurrection, people will be called with the Imam of their times. All the people of present era will be revived and gathered with Imam Mahdi (AS), if they love and follow him sincerely

Hazrate Masoumeh (SA) [English Ebook]

 In addition to being followers of the immaculate and infallible Household of the Prophet (SA), the Iranians have the honor of being hosts to Imam Ridha (AS) as well as his sister, her holiness Fatimah Ma’sumah. The presence of the hallowed mausoleums of the sister and brother in Iran has caused a flood of devotees from across the world of Islam to descend on this country every year in order to pay their respects to these two chaste descendants from the Apostle of God (SA).


‘By exposing how the pharmaceutical companies actively set out to make us feel sick so they can sell drugs we don’t need, this brilliant book blows the lid off the carefully cultivated image of medical authority and benign concern. The drug companies turn out to be the worst sort of corporate pirates—read this book and rage.’
Clive Hamilton, The Australia Institute

‘There are those, it seems, who want to sell us a pill for life it self.It’s a trillion dollar industry and getting bigger every day. This remarkable investigation of the Sickness Industry is by two accomplished writers